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Monday, January 18, 2010

January 19, 2010 Major News Stories

Three oil firms to slash diesel, kerosene prices

MANILA, Philippines - Three oil companies announced price cuts in their diesel and kerosene products set to be implemented on Tuesday.

Pilipinas Shell Petroleum Corp. will cut diesel prices by 25 centavos per liter and kerosene prices by 75 centavos per liter effective 12:01 a.m. Tuesday.

Independent oil player Seaoil has said that it will implement a similar price adjustment.

Eastern Petroleum, meanwhile, said cut prices of its diesel products by 25 centavos per liter. 

Chevron to roll back oil price

Major oil player Chevron Phil. Inc. will reduce oil prices effective Tuesday, an official said.

At 12:01 a.m., Chevron will reduce diesel prices by P0.25 per liter and kerosene by P0.75 per liter, said communications manager Toby Nebrida.

Petron Corp. will also roll back the prices of diesel by P0.25 per liter and of kerosene by P0.75 per liter effective 6 a.m. Tuesday, the oil firm said.

Likewise, independent oil player Phoenix Petroleum Philippines will also implement an oil price roll back also effective midnight Tuesday.

Lawyer Raymond Zorilla said that at 12:01 a.m., Phoenix will cut diesel prices by P0.25 per liter.

Taxi operators mull seeking fare hike

Citing the latest round of fuel price hikes, taxi operators will ask the Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board (LTFRB) for a fare hike.

Palace to DOE: Prevent fuel shortage from Shell's importation row

Malacañang ordered the Department of Energy on Monday to find ways to avert a possible fuel shortage should the Customs Bureau seize the P43 billion in assets of oil refiner Pilipinas Shell.

Approval of disabilities protection, senior citizen bills rushed

THE SENATE yesterday approved on third and final reading bills seeking further protection for persons with disabilities (PWD) and the exemption of senior citizens from the expanded value-added tax (E-VAT).

The chamber approved Senate Bill (SB) 3560 which would require the creation of PWD offices in the local government, and SB 3561, or the Expanded Senior Citizens' bill, which would exempt seniors from the 12% E-VAT in medicines, goods and services.

Sinulog 2010 winners get prizes

The Sinanduloy Cultural Troupe of Tangub City and Tribu Himag-ulaw of Placer, Masbate, which bested other 44 contingents in their respective categories, were recognized in yesterday's awarding ceremony at Cebu City Sports Center along with other winners of the Sinulog grand parade.

Basakanon gripes on criteria

ALTHOUGH disappointed, Lumad Basakanon respect the judges' decision but they raised questions on whether the criteria for judging had been followed.

Basak San Nicolas Barangay Captain George Rama, head of the contingent, and choreographer Norman Navarro expected to win the top prize in the free interpretation category of the Sinulog Grand Parade last Sunday, especially because of the resounding applause they got from the crowd.

But their contingent's prayer dance depicting the conversion of the pagans into Christians landed only earned them second place.

Rama said they spent close to P1 million to put together the brand new costumes and new dance steps, which took four months to practice.

Also, the Sinulog Foundation Inc. (SFI) officials are now investigating the alleged sale of two VIP tickets that were assigned to the brother of Cebu City Vice Mayor Michael Rama during last Sunday's Sinulog Grand Parade.

A policeman turned over to the SFI the person who allegedly sold the tickets outside the Cebu City Sports Center.

Around 300 VIP passes were given to city officials and their guests so they could enter the VIP section of the grandstand. The tickets were not for sale.

SFI executive director Ricky Ballesteros said that tickets were authentic and had the control number of the tickets given to Sammy Rama. These were enclosed in an envelope bearing his name.

"We want to find out how the tickets reached the person who sold them, that's why we are investigating it," he said yesterday.

For his part, Rama said the tickets were intended for a VIP, but not for his brother Sammy who had another VIP pass.

He said the person who sold the tickets and the one who bought them should be made to explain.

In a separate interview yesterday, Mayor Tomas Osmeña suggested using special stamps for tickets so that fake copies cannot be reprinted.

Some fake tickets reportedly circulated last Sunday, including tickets intended for the media.

"I didn't receive any report that there were fake tickets but if there were, those responsible should be prosecuted if there is evidence," the mayor said.

Yesterday, the choreographers and dancers of Lumad Basakanon did not let the results dampen their spirit, as the crowd continued to cheer them on during their repeat performance at the awarding ceremony.

"Nag-expect gyud mi sa first prize pero sige na lang kay nakita gyud namo nga pinangga mi sa mga tawo. Nalipay gyud mi sa reception sa crowd, labi na nga daghan ang nag-ingon nga para nila kami gyud ang nakadaog (At least we know the crowd loved us. Many people say we deserved the top prize)," Navarro said.

He lamented that the judges seemed to have focused more on the props, which made up only 15 percent of the criteria, rather than the choreography and concept, which was 30 percent.

Navarro said they practiced harder for last Sunday's parade because they wanted to perfect the new steps and to make sure their 110 dancers execute the steps with precision.

"Mao bitaw nahibung ko nganong second place lang. Naunsa na man ni ang Sinulog nga murag nawala na man ang criteria. Murag props na man lang ang focus and murag nawala na ang choreography ug performance," he said.

Rama speculated that out-of-town contingents were made to win to encourage them to attend the next year's parade, especially after the number of out-of-town guests dwindled this year.

He also said he learned that the judges did not find anything new in their dance, which puzzled him because all their steps and costumes were new.

Rama said, though, that he will respect the decision of the judges, who are all experts in the field of dance.

Even if they lost, Lumad Basakanon will compete again next year, saying that their offering to the Sto. Niño is more important than a victory, he said.

Last year, Lumad Basakanon also landed in second place, next to Tribu Buyoganon from Abuyog, Leyte.

Last Sunday, they lost to the contingent from Placer in Masbate.

Tomas opposes holding Sinulog Grand Parade at SRP, plans to extend route to NRA

CEBU City Mayor Tomas Osmeña is not for the holding the Sinulog Grand Parade at the South Road Properties (SRP), and said it will have to be held at the Cebu City Sports Center despite the overcrowding.

But he suggested extending the parade route to the North Reclamation Area (NRA) so the crowd can be spread out to other parts of the city, and not be concentrated along Gen. Maxilom Ave. and Osmeña Blvd.

Byron denies being kicked out of VIP area

CAPITOL consultant Byron Garcia denied being kicked out of the VIP section of the grandstand of the Cebu City Sports Complex last Sunday.

Garcia also said he wasn't snubbed by Cebu City Mayor Tomas Osmeña. He said the mayor was just "shocked" to see him.

Garcia said he was escorting "very important visitors" to the VIP Section, as he had six tickets that were given to the Office of the Governor.

With him were Sony Studios vice president Fritz Friedman, Michael Jackson choreographer Travis Payne and two Jackson back-up dancers from the late pop star's "This is It" film. Friedman was with a documentary crew who was following Garcia.

Garcia, though, would not say if he was a subject of a new documentary from Sony films.

But Osmeña said he actually asked those without VIP tickets to leave the VIP Section, including Garcia.

The mayor said he talked to Garcia's group after recognizing a long-time friend.

"Well, I just told the other guys don't keep standing there, you're blocking the way. I didn't talk to Byron... He came with about eight of them and I recognized one of them, an old friend of mine. But the others were just standing there blocking the way and I said you just can't stand here... and none of them had any passes," he said.

Georgia, Atan criticize Tomas on food packs with Margot pic

THE Sinulog made friends out of political enemies yesterday, at least during the awarding of winners of the Sinulog grand parade.

Cebu City Mayor Tomas Osmeña and Lahug Barangay Captain Mary Ann de los Santos not only shook hands and greeted each other they also kissed each other on the cheeks.

But while he was being courteous to a political enemy, his sister and an opposition leader criticized him and his wife Margot for the distribution of food packs with her photo at the VIP area of the grandstand during the Sinulog grand parade last Sunday.

With Tomas running for south district representative, Margot is eyeing a south district city council seat.

Georgia, on the other hand, is running for mayor against incumbent Vice Mayor Michael Rama, whom Tomas anointed as his successor.

"They say the Sinulog shouldn't be politicized, but they lied by politicizing it for their own gain. This shows how really dishonest they are," Georgia said.

"I think what they mean when they say that there should be no politicking during the Sinulog, what they actually mean is there should be no politicking by people other than themselves.

Isn't this grave abuse of the people's money?

Using people's money to advance their personal interests?" she added.

Georgia said distributing the lunch packs with Margot's picture was tantamount to campaigning because she is running for city councilor.

"I think using the picture of the Sto. Niño would have been more appropriate," Georgia said.

But the mayor said politics had nothing to do with it.

Tomas said it was his idea to put his wife's photo on the food boxes distributed to some 400 guests last Sunday.

"I wanted the food packs to have a picture of the Sinulog, so I said, ah, you put Margot's picture there. It was my idea, but it was not politicking because there were only 300 food packs and many of our guests are not even from here," he said.

The food packs, which had a card that read "Viva Pit Señor... One beat. One Dance. One Vision," were distributed in the morning, noon and in the afternoon.

The VIPs included foreign dignitaries and guests from sister cities abroad.

Tomas said giving their guests food packs with Margot's face was not a way of campaigning, more so that most of the guests were not from Cebu City.

For his part, businessman Jonathan Guardo, who will run against Tomas for south district congressman, said the act was a "cheap trick."

"It's election time and politicians will use all their dirty tricks. But I think Margot doesn't need it because she's already popular. Whoever advised that cheap trick is an
idiot that should be thrown to the waters off SRP," Guardo said.

Margot declined from commenting, saying she had nothing to do with it.

"It's never been done before so I guess he's really just teasing me," she said.

Campaigning at the grandstand was prohibited by organizers, but some candidates in the May elections still went around to shake hands with the revelers, including presidential bet Sen. Richard Gordon and Metro Manila Development Authority chairman Bayani Fernando.

Meanwhile, in separate interviews, Tomas and de los Santos said they were just being polite to each other.

"It would have been disrespect if I did not approach the head of the city. It was a simply a gesture of good manners," de los Santos said.

"It was just spontaneous and natural. The Sto. Niño can do wonders. It was in good faith," she added.

She said that after she received the trophy and cash prize of Lahug Elementary School, which bagged fourth place in the Sinulog-based category, she had to pass by the mayor so it was but proper to approach him.

In a separate interview, the mayor said he was merely being cordial with de los Santos, who lost to the mayor in the 2007 elections.

"It was nothing, I was just being polite. I just stood up and greeted her. It's a good PR," Tomas said.

Pinoys hold 7th Sinulog festival in Vienna

by by Hector Pascua, ABS-CBN Europe News Bureau
VIENNA - A number of  Filipino Sto. Niño devotees filled the Filipino Catholic Church in Vienna for the 7th Sinulog Festival in Vienna  on  Sunday, January 17, 2010.

72 vehicles towed during Sinulog

The Cebu City Traffic Operations Management apprehended more than 70 vehicles that were illegally parked in areas affected by rerouting during the Sinulog grand parade last Sunday.

Capitol fund for MRFs ready

The Cebu provincial government will release the financial assistance it vowed last year to the different barangays for the putting up of a Materials Recovery Facility once the requirements will have been complied with.

No outcome yet on Balili probe

FOUR months behind deadline and the special panel Gov. Gwendolyn Garcia formed to investigate the Balili property controversy remains unable to come up with their findings.

Atty. Medardo de Lemos, who heads the panel, admitted this yesterday, adding that the group, which includes members of the Provincial Board (PB), is still "working on it."

In an interview last December, three months after Garcia's September deadline, de Lemos, director of the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) 7, said they have prepared a draft and have had it passed around for revisions.

But, several weeks ago, reporters found de Lemos having a closed-door meeting with panel members anew.

De Lemos has refused to give updates on their investigation, adding that this would violate an agreement he himself initiated against leaks.


He said some of the data they got came from the PB hearings on the same subject.

Governor Garcia created the panel in an executive order dated Aug. 24, amid allegations that she, too, should be held responsible for the transaction that resulted in the
Capitol's purchase of P97 million worth of "land" which, upon inspection, turned out to be largely underwater.

Garcia approved the deal and signed the contract.

When criticisms were raised against it, she apologized publicly and said she merely relied on the recommendations of people under her, including PB member Juan Bolo who supposedly brokered the transaction.

She gave the panel 30 days to submit a report.

The panel's findings, though, is recommendatory in nature and is geared towards preventing similar incidents from happening again.

The probe, which may or may not actually result in the filing of criminal and administrative cases, is being done by the Office of the Ombudsman-Visayas but a Final Evaluation Report is not expected soon.

This after Tanodbayan Merceditas Gutierrez issued a memorandum expanding a directive that requires all cases set for preliminary investigation and administrative adjudication against high-ranking officials to be sent to Manila for handling.

Ouano, siblings file case vs. brother

Former Mandaue Mayor Thadeo Ouano is asking the court to direct his younger brother, Rafael, to cease and desist from barring anyone who pass through the lots owned by the latter and to prevent the sale of the lots in question located in barangay Opao, Mandaue City.

The 11-page affidavit Ouano filed yesterday through lawyer Vicente Fernandez II also impleaded Rafael's wife, Marissa, lawyer Benedicto Taylan, and the Mandaue City Register of Deeds.

The petition sought for the annulment of sale, annulment of title, and reconveyance of property and injunction with a prayer for the issuance of a writ of preliminary injunction.

Aside from Ouano, the other plaintiffs include his wife, Linda, spouses Michael and Silvia Ouano represented by their son Kristian, and spouses Jorge and Fidelis Ouano-Cuizon.

Ouano said they are not asking for moral damages because Rafael "is his brother and has a special place in their heart."

47 new police inspectors take oath

Forty-seven newly appointed police inspectors took oath yesterday at headquarters of the Police Regional Office-7 (PRO-7) following the ceremonial rank investiture that officially signified their promotion.

Cebu 4th District Congressman: Benhur in session; Tining visits Nogie

The fireworks expected at the House of Representatives yesterday brought about by the recent ruling of the Supreme Court declaring a new winner in the 4th District Congressional polls in Cebu did not materialize.

Martinez backer killed

A former councilor of the northern town of Sta. Fe in Bantayan Island was shot dead last Sunday by a still unidentified assailant.

The victim, Prosbito Batiancela, 56, was reportedly a leader of the supporters of the Martinezes in the fourth district.

Police are eyeing politics as the motive of the incident, but Cebu Provincial Police Director Erson Digal said they could not tell whether or not the shooting has something to do with the upcoming elections.

12 solons sign Senate report on C-5 probe

Twelve senators have signed a committee report that recommended Senator Manny Villar's censure for unethical behavior when he allegedly used his position to profit from the C-5 road extension project.

Senate majority to Villar: Return P6.2-B govt money

Pinasasauli kay Senador Manuel Villar ang P6.2 billion na ginastos sa pagpapagawa ng C-5 road extension project. 

Pimentel slams Senate draft report on C-5 probe

A senator on Monday branded as "utterly useless" a draft report by the Senate committee of the whole that found Senator Manny Villar guilty of improper and unethical conduct in connection with the C-5 road extension project.

Teodoro liable for the arming of Ampatuans — lawyer

The lawyer of the Ampatuan clan has called for the filing of rebellion charges against former defense secretary and now presidential aspirant Gilbert Teodoro, Jr. for allowing the arming of the political family, which is now being accused of rebellion by the national government.

Ampatuan arms cache linked back to Maguindanao police chiefs

MANILA, Philippines - Several retired and active police officials assigned in Maguindanao province have been charged for alleged malversation of public funds after high-powered firearms allegedly used in the massacre of 57 people were recovered by authorities. 

10 Maguindanao towns "very difficult areas" in May polls

Police have picked 10 towns in Maguindanao as "very difficult" areas to manage in the coming May elections.

Doctors say Ivler's condition still 'guarded'

Murder suspect Jason Ivler's condition remained guarded as of Monday afternoon, an official of the Quirino Memorial Medical Center said.

Wet towel led to Ivler's doom

A wet towel proved to be the downfall of Filipino-American fugitive Jason Ivler, who was captured by agents of the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) after a brief shootout Monday morning inside his mother's house in Quezon City.

'Ivler used 2 guns, armor-piercing bullets'

MANILA, Philippines - Jason Aguilar Ivler, the main suspect in the murder of a Palace official's son, used two weapons in fighting off police before his arrest in his Quezon City home Monday.

Ivler faces more charges

(UPDATE 5) Aside from the killing of a Malacañang official's son, Filipino-American Jason Ivler faces more charges for his attack on an arresting team of the National Bureau of Investigation, which resulted in injuries to two operatives.

Ivler mom charged with obstruction of justice

The mother of Jason Ivler, suspect in the killing of the son and namesake of a Malacanang official, would be charged with obstruction of justice and harboring a criminal, it was learned Monday.

Ivler's ma subjected to inquest

Marlene Aguilar was subjected to an inquest Monday evening before the Quezon City prosecutor's office for obstruction of justice and giving false statements.

JBC decides to start nomination process for Chief Justice

The Judicial and Bar Council on Monday decided to start the nomination process for the vacancy that will be created by Chief Justice Reynato Puno's retirement on May 17.

Let next president pick Supreme Court chief: MBC, UP lawyers

by by Purple S. Romero.
MANILA, Philippines - Various sectors have asked the Judicial and Bar Council (JBC) not to submit its nomination for the replacement of Chief Justice Reynato Puno until after a new president takes over.

Presidential bets: No midnight Chief Justice appointments

Apat sa nangungunang presidentiables ang tutol na si Pangulong Arroyo pa rin ang pipili ng susunod na Chief Justice ng Supreme Court. Kasama diyan pati ang pinili niyang pambato ng administrasyon. 

Guardians turn to SC for help on Comelec accreditation

MANILA, Philippines - The Philippine Guardians Brotherhood, Inc., a group composed of military and civilian members, on Monday asked the Supreme Court (SC) to stop the Commission on Elections from implementing a resolution removing it from the list of accredited party-list groups.

Comelec: No rush in unseating Mendoza, Padaca

by By Reynaldo Santos Jr., Newsbreak
En banc studying merits of 2nd division's decision reversing results of Bulacan, Isabela polls The Commission on Elections (Comelec) denied on Monday the separate petitions of Roberto Pagdanganan and Benjamin Dy to be immediately installed as governors of Bulacan and Isabela, respectively, after a recount of votes resulted in their favor.

3 girls die in Agusan Sur flash flood

Three girls, aged nine to 11, were drowned after their village in the southern Philippines was hit by flash floods caused by continued heavy rains, a local official said on Monday.

Old woman drowns, boy missing in Oriental Mindoro flashfloods

(UPDATE 3) An old woman has drowned while a boy remains missing after flashfloods hit the towns of Naujan and Baco in Oriental Mindoro, officials said on Monday.

Survey says Filipino online shoppers growing

As broadband becomes more ubiquitous, the population of Filipino online shoppers is also growing, according to a recent survey.

65 more Pinoys residing in Haiti safe - DFA

MANILA, Philippines - Sixty-five more Filipinos residing in earthquake-devastated Haiti have been accounted for and are safe, the Philippines' Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) announced Monday. 

List of Filipinos in Petionville confirmed alive and safe.

Surname First Name Nickname
1. Paglomutan Alvin Alvin
2. Protacio Angelita Lita
3. Perea Anita Nitz
4. Edquiban Annelli Annie
5. Sastrillo Antonio Jun Jun
6. Duran Antonio Tony
7. Edquiban April Anne April
8. Abenuman Arcenito RC
9. Paglomutan Caimile Caimile
10. Dublois Candelaria Sheila
11. Protacio Carmelito Lito
12. Manalili Cecille Cecille
13. Usana Cheryl Che Che
14. Sason Cholly Cholly
15. Lim Consolacion Ching
16. Bosi Czar Czar
17. Diamante Edgar Ed
18. Arbis Edna Edna
19. Manalili Elenita Lenie
20. Guinchoma Emelita Emay
21. Lim Fernando Toto
22. Esquibel Florentina Poroy
23. Paglomutan Fred Fred
24. Bolante Gerry Gerry
25. Lalican Gherwell Gherwell
26. Villagracia Gilberto Butch
27. Edquiban Godofredo III Don Don
28. Edquiban Godofredo Jr. Godo
29. Villena Grace Grace
30. Santos Honey Cris HiC
31. Unica Jerome Jerome
32. Macario Joel Joel
33. Sason Jose Leo Leo
34. Dequito Leslie Leslie
35. Lalican Lowell Lowell
36. Piedad Luisa Luisa
37. Manalo Marilou Marilou
38. Garcia Marites Tess
39. Caponpon Michael Mac
40. Malbacias Michael Michael
41. Santos Mikaela Myka
42. Bautista Morris Albert Morris
43. Segubre Nestor Nestor
44. Decano Nilo Nilo
45. Agda Orlando Orly
46. Sedano Oscar Oca
47. Villagracia Perlita Perlie
48. Villena Rafael Raffy
49. Consul Roldan Dang
50. Santos Rosario Charette
51. Paglomutan Rosemarie Rose
52. Malbacias Samantha Louis Samantha
53. Unica Sharon Joy Sharon
54. Malbacias Sheryl Che Che
55. Vidallo Teody Teody
56. Macario Teresa Tere
57. Duran Tony Rose Neneng
58. Elorde Tristan Tristan
59. Maning Vener Vener
60. Duran Vicente Vic
61. Lalican Welldine Welldine
62. Decembre Leila Leng leng
63. Caluya Teresita Tikya
64. Baylon Ingracia Lei
65. Lizardo Roland Richard Pong

Tough Haitians still clinging to life under rubble

PORT-AU-PRINCE - More than five days after an avalanche of rubble plunged her into a painful and solitary black hell and 12 hours after international teams heard her determined cries, Marie-France was rescued.

Somali pirates free Greek tanker with 16 Pinoys

by Agence France-Presse
NAIROBI - Somali pirates have released the Greek supertanker VLCC Maran Centaurus after receiving millions in ransom, a Kenya-based maritime watchdog and pirate sources said Monday.

Pope John Paul II's failed assassin released

ANKARA, Turkey - The Turk who tried to kill pope John Paul II in 1981, Mehmet Ali Agca, was released from prison Monday after almost three decades behind bars, but immediately faced authorities over his status as a draft dodger.

7-week training all Manny needs against Clottey

MANILA, Philippines - A chief adviser of Filipino boxing icon Manny Pacquiao said seven weeks or anything within 50 days, should be enough to put the Filipino pound-for-pound champion a hundred percent ready for Josh Clottey. 

Fans greet Pacquiao in LA airport

MANILA, Philippines – Fans swarmed around "People's Champ" Manny Pacquiao when he arrived at the Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) Sunday night (Monday in Manila).

'Django' Bustamante leads Team Asia to victory

MANILA, Philippines – Filipino pool icon Francisco "Django" Bustamante flashed his old deadly form to beat Nick van den Berg of the Netherlands, 5-2, in the deciding match of the Asia vs Europe 9-Ball Team Challenge on Sunday.

Jackson choreographer shows interest in inmates

A choreographer of the late King of Pop Michael Jackson plans to organize a big event involving the dancing inmates of the Cebu Provincial Detention and Rehabilitation Center.

Travis Payne, Jackson's choreographer, visited Governor Gwendolyn Garcia yesterday morning to express his interest to work with the inmates.

'Showtime' back on air January 19

James Yap: Mayen is not my girlfriend

MANILA, Philippines - Star cager James Yap, husband of host-actress Kris Aquino, has broken his silence on the "confrontation" between his wife and a female fan, Mayen Austria.

'Avatar' wins Golden Globes best film, best director

BEVERLY HILLS—(UPDATE) Science-fiction blockbuster "Avatar" took top honors at the 67th Golden Globes here late Sunday, winning best picture and best director to cement its status as an Oscars front-runner.

Downey Jr wins Globe for best comedy performance

Robert Downey Jr won the Golden Globe Award for best comedy actor here Sunday for his performance as Victorian-era super sleuth "Sherlock Holmes."'

Jeff Bridges wins Golden Globes best actor honor

Jeff Bridges won the best drama actor prize at the Golden Globes here Sunday for his performance as a washed-up country singer in "Crazy Heart."

Sandra Bullock wins Golden Globes best actress

Sandra Bullock won the best drama actress prize at the 67th Golden Globe Awards here Sunday for her performance as an inspirational mentor in "The Blind Side."

Meryl Streep wins Globe for 'Julie & Julia'

Hollywood icon Meryl Streep scooped a record seventh win at the Golden Globes here Sunday for her portrayal of television chef Julia Child in "Julie & Julia."

Scorsese honored at Golden Globes

Oscar-winning director Martin Scorsese was awarded the Golden Globes Cecil B. DeMille Award here Sunday for his "outstanding contribution to the entertainment field."

Taiwan artist carves 'world's tiniest tiger'

TAIPEI - A Taiwanese artist said Monday that he had completed the world's smallest tiger sculpture, tiny enough to pass through the eye of a needle.

Stephen Leacock  - "I detest life-insurance agents: they always argue that I shall some day die, which is not so."

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