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Monday, November 8, 2010

November 9, 2010 Major News Stories

VECO employees union: No strike during Pacman fight

The Visayas Electric Company- Employees Union-Associated Labor Unions-Trade Congress of the Philippines assured that they will not yet stage a strike on Sunday, even if the seven-day cooling-off period after they have filed a notice of strike will already expire, because of the much awaited Pacquiao-Margarito fight.

Local union president Casmero Mahilum said that even if they can already hold the strike against VECO but they will defer the action because of the fight.

"Dili gyud mi mag-strike inug November 14. Kay manan-aw man sad mi sa duwa ni Pacquiao," Mahilum said.

Manny Pacquiao will face Mexican boxer Antonio Margarito on Sunday, Philippine time, at the Dallas Cowboys Stadium in Texas. 

Mahilum said that the last day of the cooling-off period from the time they filed their notice of strike before the National Conciliation and Mediation Board on October 28 will be November 10.

According to Mahilum, anytime from this date they can already launch their strike. However, because of the upcoming fight they have decided to wait until after Sunday to ensure that there will be power supply during the fight.

But, VECO spokesperson Ethel Natera explained that the assurance is only good as far as the strike is concern. According to her, should there be power shortage in the Cebu-Negros-Panay grid on the day of the fight this is already beyond their control.

To date, the CNP grid has three power plants with a combined capacity of over 100 megawatts that were shut down. The grid has been on the "red alert" status for the past two years due to generation deficiency.

VECO, the country's second biggest power distributor, serves the cities of Cebu, Mandaue, Talisay and Naga and four municipalities of the greater part of Metro Cebu - Liloan, Consolacion, Minglanilla and San Fernando. Its franchise service covers an area of about 672 square kilometers with an estimated population of 1.73 million.

Solon files bill giving perks to barangay officials

Two weeks after the 2010 barangay elections were concluded, a congressman filed a bill seeking to grant financial and tax incentives to the officials and staff of the country's 40,025 barangays.
The Barangay Incentives Act (HB 317), proposed by Cebu Rep. Eduardo Gullas, would cover all barangay executives and employees, including tanods and members of the Lupon Tagapamayapa (barangay dispute mediator councils).

The bill provides for the following tax-related privileges:
  • Exemption of their salaries, wages, and other emoluments, including allowances, and other "gross benefits received of whatever kind" from income taxation;

  • Exclusion from capital gains and transfer taxes when they sell any real property that they own, as long as the proceeds from the sale are used directly and exclusively to acquire a house and lot, not exceeding 500 square meters, for a family dwelling;

  • Exemption from national and local taxes and fees in connection with the transfer and registration of the new property in the name of the barangay official or employee;

  • Other perks outlined by the bill include provisions for coverage and protection by the Government Service Insurance System (GSIS) and the Philippine Health Insurance Corp. (Philhealth) — including life insurance, retirement, disability, separation, and unemployment benefits.

    If the barangay officials and workers will be involved in administrative or criminal cases as they are carrying out their official duties, the bill proposes that they be entitled to representation by counsel, as assigned by the Public Attorney's Office.

  • After 3 months of waiting: City gets delivery of aid for victims

    Victims of a fire that hit barangay T. Padilla three months ago finally received the housing materials promised by the city government.

    Teachers admit error during poll tallying

    The teachers who served as Board of Election Tellers in a precinct in Barangay Bacayan, Cebu City, admitted yesterday that they erred in putting entries in the Election Return Form for the candidates for barangay councilmen during the recent synchronized Barangay and Sangguniang Kabataan elections.

    The incident, which teachers said was an honest mistake on their part, deprived a candidate of victory because the wrong tally made her ranked ninth when she was supposed to make it to the top seven.

    Emelia Borgonia, manager of the Bacayan Multi-purpose Cooperative, lost 84 votes when in clustered precinct 92A and 92B, the BET only put 42 votes right across her name in the official ER instead of 126.

    The BET mistakenly repeated the same score on two consecutive candidates, then put after the third candidate the supposed score of the second. Eventually the mistake was carried over to the rest of the names.

    To illustrate further, the BET wrote the score of 30 to candidate number 6 and repeated the same score to candidate number 7.

    The BET then copied the supposed score of candidate number 7 to candidate number 8 and the rest got the score of the candidate immediately before them.

    Borgonia's score of 126 in precinct 92A, 92B went to Mildred Vanzuela while Vanzuela's score of 60 in the same precinct went to the candidate after her.

    Getting 66 more votes, Vanzuela was able to make it to the seventh spot but Borgonia ranked only ninth.

    The real number of votes that Borgonia earned could have placed her in the sixth spot.

    Borgonia was informed of the mistake by a watcher who was able to copy the results in all 17 clustered precincts in Barangay Bacayan.

    The watcher, according to a resident in Bacayan who refused to be named, was surprised himself that Borgonia did not make it to the first seven.

    When Borgonia was able to secure a copy of the ER from the Commission on Election last Saturday, they found the mistake and immediately reported it to the Comelec yesterday along with the BETs who admitted the error made.

    Lawyer Marchel Sarno, election officer of Comelec Cebu City north district, told The FREEMAN in a phone interview that the aggrieved party should coordinate with the Barangay Board of Canvassers to file a petition to their central office in Manila to correct the manifest error.

    He said that as of now, the erring teachers will not suffer any sanction until the petition is passed and resolved.

    Comelec Resolution No. 9030 provides that in case of manifest error in the tabulation or tallying, candidate aggrieved may appeal to the commission.

    "Manifest errors discovered after proclamation shall be filed by the board or any aggrieved party with the Commission," the resolution read.

    BOPK straw poll gets backing from Rama

    Cebu City Mayor Michael Rama is in favor of straw balloting among candidates of the Bando Osmeña Pundok Kauswagan for the presidency of the Association of Barangay Councils.

    He wants all captains who want to run to be given a chance because he does not wish them to experience what he had with the Liberal Party during the election for the presidency of the League of Cities of the Philippines.

    To recall, Rama planned to run as president of the league but he was forced to give way to San Fernando City Mayor Oscar Rodriguez who was then endorsed by President Benigno "Noynoy" Aquino to be the candidate of the LP.

    This time, he wants a fair election among BOPK captains to choose who they want to support. A straw poll is an informal survey on opinions which has no binding result.

    The idea was first suggested by the mayor's cousin and Basak-San Nicolas Captain George Rama.

    "Dili ta magsalig sa i-endorse ni Congressman Tommy ug sa Mayor. Kung magsalig gani ta sa ato pa, wala kay leadership, og non-partisan man kaha ang barangay?" George said.

    Some captains who expressed interest to run, George said, were discouraged to push through with their plans after reports that Rep. Tomas Osmeña, founder of BOPK, endorsed barangay captains Michael Ralota of T. Padilla and Manuel Guanzon of Capitol Site.

    George said he does not want both Ralota and Guanzon to win because both are allegedly contractors.

    "Kung contractor ka unya ikaw ang president sa ABC, unsa naman lang ang mahitabo?" he said.

    Osmeña already clarified that he is not endorsing anyone. Ralota and Guanzon were names that he thinks are frontrunners in the ABC election. Rama will also not endorse but reminded captains to put a responsible and competent person in the position.

    Ralota, in a text message, denied George's claim that he is a contractor.

    "George Rama told barangay captains that I am a contractor and would have a personal interest during execution of infrastructure projects but I am not. I am an architect overseeing the works of the contractors for the implementation of the construction for QAI (Quality Assurance Inspection)," Ralota said.

    "Architects cannot make building contract but are limited to design, planning and construction supervision. He acts as the owner's representative in project implementation. My work is mostly consultancy. I hope you will not be misled. I can assure you that I'll do my best if granted," Ralota said.

    He is confident to win the ABC presidency as he said he already has the support of more than half of the 80 barangay captains.

    "Sa north, solid naman ko. Sa south, siguro mga one third of the captains, ni-paabot na og suporta," he said.

    Osmeña earlier said that Ralota and Guanzon possessed the qualities that will be good for an ABC president.

    Ralota, being an architect can be relied on the implementation of barangay projects as he knows the process. Guanzon, on the other hand, can benefit from his experience as the president of the Barangay Councilors of League of the Philippines.

    Performing Arts Center: Gwen admits renovation delay but denies fault

    Governor Gwendolyn Garcia said yesterday she is not to blame for the delay in the renovation of the Cebu Performing Arts Center in Barangay Lahug.

    Garcia said she only took over the project in 2004 when she assumed as governor of Cebu and voluntarily decided to pursue the renovation because the project was already delayed at that time. The center was constructed in 2003.

    Garcia made the comment after the Commission on Audit sent urged her to hasten the renovation of the center. COA said the delay in renovation has resulted in the waste of funds, vandalism and deterioration of parts of the building.

    COA also noted delays in the process at Capitol, citing among others, the submission of accounting and contract documents, which, in turn, delayed auditing.

    "The building has demolished areas left undone and some areas like comfort rooms were vandalized," the 100-page report reads.

    "Rehabilitation of the performing arts center on piecemeal basis, refurbishing and demolishing of completed areas due to architectural innovations resulted to waste of funds due to poor planning," COA said.

    Garcia assured that the renovation will continue, but admitted the delays. "You cannot have a perfect world," she said.

    In a letter to Garcia, COA Regional Director Delfin Aguilar said the audit was focused on the economy, efficiency and effectiveness of the provincial government in the attainment of its plan and targets for the rehabilitation of the Cebu Performing Arts Center.

    The Governor's office received the letter on October 19.

    COA auditors led by Supervising Auditopr Naomi Medeci and state auditor Evelyn Luise Rivera said Capitol should revisit its program of works and set a timetable to finish project.

    "The problem is we estimated a short time even if the COA engineer division said that the reason why we had a failure because we estimated a short time and I myself will not allow that I will estimate a longer time for project," Garcia explained.

    Province failed to rectify error found in 2004 - COA

    The Commission on Audit (COA), in a recent report, said that Province of Cebu has disregarded its recommendation almost six years regarding infrastructure contracts worth P102 million.

    The state auditors recommended that before Governor Gwendolyn Garcia would enter into such contracts, she needs the authority of the Provincial Board to do so as a matter of procedure.

    The COA said that its findings in the audit done in December 2004, were not corrected.

    In the COA financial audit on the Province of Cebu for the period ending December 2004, the audit team reported that, "Several contracts in the total amount of P102,092,841.47 were not supported with a Sangguniang Panlalawigan resolution authorizing the Provincial Governor to enter into a contract, as required under Section 22 of R.A. No. 7160."

    The audit team then recommended that, "Henceforth, the local chief executive must secure a Sanggunian resolution authorizing the former to enter into a contract as provided under Section 22 of R.A. No. 7160."

    Sometime in 2006, then Provincial Board Members Gabriel Luis Quisumbing, Estrella Yapha, Victoria Corominas and Raul Bacaltos filed a civil case before the Regional Trial Court against Gov. Gwendolyn Garcia and COA regional officials.

    Gov. Garcia sought the reconsideration of the findings and recommendation of the COA.

    However, without waiting for the resolution of the reconsideration sought, she instituted an action for declaratory relief before the RTC of Cebu City.

    Delfin P. Aguilar, Helen S. Hilayo and Roy L. Ursal in their official capacities as Cluster Director IV, Regional Cluster Director and Regional Legal and Adjudication Director of COA, respectively, were impleaded as respondents.

    The Sangguniang Panlalawigan of the Province of Cebu, represented by Vice-Governor Gregorio Sanchez, Jr., was also impleaded as respondent.

    Alleging that the infrastructure contracts subject of the audit report complied with the bidding procedures provided under R.A. No. 9184 or the Government Procurement Reform Act and were entered into pursuant to the general and/or supplemental appropriation ordinances passed by the Sangguniang Panlalawigan, Gov. Garcia alleged that a separate authority to enter into such contracts was no longer necessary.

    On the basis of the parties' respective memoranda, the trial court rendered the assailed Decision dated July 11, 2006, declaring that Gov. Garcia need not secure prior authorization from the Sangguniang Panlalawigan of Cebu before entering into the questioned contracts.

    The trial court denied the motion for reconsideration filed by Quisumbing, Bacaltos, Carmiano Kintanar, Jose Ma. Gastardo, and Agnes Magpale, in their capacities as members of the Sangguniang Panlalawigan of Cebu, in an Order dated October 25, 2006.

    This prompted the petitioners to elevate the case to the Supreme Court.

    In its audit report covering the period of 2007, COA reiterated its observation and recommendation and the reason for not implementing the same was that the case is pending before the Supreme Court.

    In 2008, COA again reiterated its observation and recommendation and the reason for not implementing the same was that the subject case is pending before the RTC per SC en banc decision dated December 8, 2008.

    COA: Donated cement not recorded by Capitol

    State auditors said that at least 23,000 bags of cement donated by Cemex Philippines to the Province of Cebu were not recorded in the Capitol's books of accounts based on its audit report covering year 2009.

    COA noted that 32,868 bags of cement amounting to P5.8 million supplied by the Province for the implementation of its bridge reconstruction projects for 2005-2007 were recorded in Prior Year's Adjustment account.

    While the 904 bags of cement costing P179,585.30 supplied to the contractor for the construction of Balao Box Culvert in Barili, Cebu was recorded using the account Subsidy to Local Government Units.

    Based on the report of the Provincial Engineering Office on the actual cement allocation of its bridge reconstruction program, it was said that the amount of P5.8 million was the cost of the 32,868 bags of cement purchased by the Province from the total of 55,868 bags requirement for the project.

    On the same report, it was disclosed that remaining cement requirement of 23,000 bags were donated by Cemex.

    "Such donation was not recorded in the books of accounts," the auditor said.

    COA also noted that the cost of the cement requirement for the projects implemented in 2005 to 2007 was not accounted as integral cost of the projects.

    The recording of P5.8 million in Prior Year's Adjustment was to adjust the prior year's expenses recorded in the period covered, while the P179,585.30 was recorded as subsidies, hence all were recorded as expenses.

    "The recording of the transaction as expenses and the non recording of the donated bags of cement is contrary to the accounting policy," the audit report said.

    In response to the Audit Observation Memorandum, the provincial accountant acknowledged the observation and explained that the adjustment on the understatement of the affected accounts will be made this year.

    COA recommended that the province secure financial information as to the cost of donated bags of cement and record it in the books donations using the appropriate asset account.

    In the same audit report, COA also found out that 327 electrical steel poles worth P2.6 million were undistributed as of December 31, 2009.

    Sanchez "returns" proposed 2011 budget to the governor

    Describing it as "totally illegal," Vice Governor Gregorio Sanchez, Jr., yesterday returned the P3 billion proposed annual budget for next year to Governor Gwendolyn Garcia.

    The Provincial Board, headed by Sanchez, however approved the proposed 2011 budget in the first reading through an appropriation ordinance sponsored by PB Member Peter John Calderon.

    Before the first reading, Sanchez delivered a privilege speech questioning the budget and articulating reasons why it must be returned to the governor.

    First, Sanchez said the proposed budget is "irregular" for not bearing his signature as department head, who is in the best position to prepare and recommend the items for his office. It only contained the signatures of provincial budget officer Emee Gingoyon and Governor Garcia.

    Second, he said the proposed annual budget was "maliciously prepared" as the budget for the office of the vice governor was slashed by 61 percent and all the salaries and wages of the Sangguniang Panlalawigan casual and contractual employees were totally cancelled.

    The employees of the vice governor and SP members who are now serving the legislative department were appointed to their positions through SP Ordinance in 1994, 1996 and in 1998.

    With this, Sanchez said the proposed annual budget is "totally illegal."

    "All these positions were funded by the Sangguniang Panlalawigan and the Governor has no legal rights to abolish their positions from the legislative department," he stressed.

    In the proposed annual budget for next year, budgets for the office of the vice governor was slashed by at least 61 percent from P45.5 million to P18 million and each PB member's budget was down by 70 percent from P8 million to P2.4 million while the budget for the office of the governor was up by 41.85 percent from P485.4 million to P688.6 million.

    In his speech, Sanchez said that while Cebu is famous for being "first" in many instances such as the first island written in Philippine history to be discovered and colonized; the island to spawn the first freedom fighter who is Lapu-lapu and having the first and oldest street, Cebu now has first woman governor making and deciding the legislative budget.

    "After all, Cebu is known as the 'empire province' and the governor is acting as the empress. As an empress she is much like Arch-Duchess Marie Antoinette of France who dined and wined with the rich and famous, while the poor people are suffering," Sanchez said.

    Sanchez said he knew his great disadvantage but that doesn't mean he has "to blindly give in and capitulate to a battle which he knows is unjust."

    None of the PB members questioned or reacted after Sanchez delivered his privilege speech.

    But Calderon told the reporters after the session that they approved the proposed budget in the first reading because they were not aware of Sanchez's letter to the governor returning the budget. After its approval in the first reading, the proposed budget was supposed to be referred to the committee on budget and appropriations for further review.

    Sanchez warned the committee to face legal consequence if they will disregard his letter during the budget hearing.

    Brawner takes command of Centcom's 2nd SF Battalion in Bohol

    Lieutenant Colonel Romeo Brawner, the former spokesman of the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP), has been assigned as the new commander of Bohol-based 2nd Special Force Battalion of AFP Central Command (Centcom).

    The 2nd Special Force Battalion covers the provinces of Bohol, Cebu, Negros and the provinces in Eastern Visayas.

    Brawner said his unit would be tasked to respond to any eventuality, especially terrorist activities.

    Brawner said his men, whom he deployed in different areas in the Visayas, have been trained to meet any terrorist threat.

    Brawner, on Monday, made his courtesy call on Cebu City's police chief, Senior Superintendent Ramon Melvin Buenafe, his senior at the Philippine Military Academy (PMA).

    Special Forces personnel deployed to Cebu Province

    The newly assigned commander of the Bohol-based 2nd Special Forces Battalion deployed several of his personnel to Cebu last week to help in countering insurgency and terrorism.

    Lt. Col. Romeo Brawner, former spokesperson of the Armed Forces of the Philippines and assigned as commander of the battalion since July, said he deployed a number of its personnel to Cebu to maintain its being insurgent-free.

    "We see the importance of Cebu as a tourist destination so we have to safeguard that and make sure that Cebu, as insurgency-free, ma-maintain 'yun," Brawner told The FREEMAN.

    He said their unit is assisting the 78th Infantry Battalion which is the only battalion in the province.

    Brawner said this was the first time following a long period that their battalion deployed its personnel. He said his personnel are currently deployed from the north to the southern part of the province.

    The personnel deployed are staying at the Central Command headquarters in Camp Lapu-lapu, he said.

    His area of operations, he said, covers Bohol and Cebu and the entire province of Eastern Visayas.

    Brawner, who has been spokesperson of AFP for three years, replaced Col. Alfredo Sanchez in the battalion.

    Beware of vocational schools without Tesda accreditation

    The Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (Tesda) has called for more vigilance among students seeking technical training and said they should first check schools for accreditation before enrollment.

    Tesda issued this advice after it discovered two schools illegally operating without government authorization and busted six others offering courses non-compliant with Tesda standards.

    Withholding the names of these schools, Tesda Director General Joel Villanueva said he already ordered the closure of the two unauthorized schools and directed the others to measure up with agency training specifications.

    "I feel sorry for students who study so hard only to find out later on that his school, or the course he took, does not have the Tesda certificate of registration," Villanueva said.

    "These students are at risk of facing problems, at times not being immediately hired by employers needing skilled workers because these students could not be assessed by Tesda," he added.

    Students could do this simply by checking a school's Tesda certification online ( Accredited schools are also required to display their Tesda certificates within school premises.

    Technical schools must first pass a registration and accreditation process, with their modules compliant with Tesda standards, before they could legitimately operate and have their graduates Tesda-certified. The agency also conducts regular compliance checks to ensure that private training centers only offer agency-approved courses.

    Villanueva said employers often required applicants to show Tesda certification when hiring.

    "I sympathize with the parents who spent hard-earned money for the education of their children only to learn that their children do not get the kind of education they deserve," said the TESDA chief.

    Senate OKs bill requiring Hepa B shots for infants

    A law expanding the country's basic mandatory immunization program for infants was passed by senators on Monday, requiring infants to be vaccinated against Hepatitis B - a serious and potentially fatal infection that afflicts some 10 percent of Filipinos.
    Under the country's health system, a program of free immunization is available for Filipino infants and includes a schedule of mandatory vaccinations against the most serious and crippling childhood diseases — diphtheria, pertussis, tetanus, polio and tuberculosis.

    Under the program, these vaccines are available for free from health centers and public hospitals across the country, and often, barangay health workers even monitor to ensure that all infants in the villages they serve receive the full schedule of immunizations.

    The new law will make vaccines against Hepatitis B available to all new-born Filipino infants, and mandatory for all infants within 24 hours up to seven days of their birth. 

    During Monday's Senate session, all 13 senators present approved Senate Bill 138 on third and final reading. The bill will amend Presidential Decree 996 in order to require mandatory basic immunization services against Hepatitis B for infants.

    Hepatitis B is a serious liver infection caused by the hepatitis B virus (HBV). For some people, hepatitis B infection becomes chronic, leading to liver failure, liver cancer, or cirrhosis — a condition that causes permanent scarring of the liver.

    Most people infected with hepatitis B as adults recover fully, even if their signs and symptoms are severe. Infants and children are much more likely to develop a chronic hepatitis B infection. Although no cure exists for hepatitis B, a vaccine can prevent the disease.

    The new law also requires all health care workers who are administering prenatal care to educate all pregnant mothers on the importance and positive effects of immunization.

    The budget for the immunization project will be taken from the disease prevention program of the Department of Health.

    The new law also tasks the Philippine Health Insurance Corporation to include basic immunization services in its benefit package, after undertaking actuarial studies to determine if this is financially feasibility.

    SB 138 was authored by Senators Antonio Trillanes IV, Franklin Drilon and Pia Cayetano.

    Cayetano said that around eight million Filipinos, or 10 percent of the population, are affected by Hepatitis B.

    Cebu-based shipbuilder to deliver its biggest vessel to date

    Cebu-based shipbuilder Tsuneishi Heavy Industries Inc. (Thici), one of Cebu's largest employers, is set to deliver the biggest locally build sea vessel to its new owners this Thursday.

    Thici—a joint venture between Japan's Tsuneishi group and local conglomerate Aboitiz Equity Ventures (AEV), said it recently completed the construction of a 180,000-bulk cargo vessel to be delivered to Kambara Kisen of Japan.

    "The deadweight ton bulk carrier with hull number SC-185 and named Tenshu Maru is the 114th ship built by the company," it said in a statement. Thici delivered its 113th ship to its owners only last July 12.

    Thici is located in Balamban, Cebu, and was established in 1994. The company builds merchant ships of up to 100,000 deadweight tons and delivers to different parts of the world.

    THICI uses the same high quality shipbuilding technologies and standards as those in Tsuneishi, Japan. The Japanese firm owns 80 percent of the company while the Aboitiz group owns to balance of the shares.

    THICI's main facilities are located in a 55-hectare land area consisting of two slipways, floating docks for ship repair, floating cranes, warehouse, assembly factory, hardcover factory, pipe factory, paint shop, machine shop, and an office building.

    Last year, the company said it had invested P12 billion for the expansion of the Cebu facility that would eventually employ around 9,000 workers from the 4,000 a year ago.

    House approves budget on third, final reading

    President Benigno Aquino III's first budget of P1.645-trillion for 2011 was approved on third and final reading in the House of Representatives Monday night.
    House Bill 3101 was the first agenda tackled at the resumption of session by Congress and was immediately voted on the floor.

    A total of 175 representatives voted in favor of the proposed appropriation, while 21 voted against it, mostly coming from the minority bloc and some partylist representatives.

    Majority Leader and Mandaluyong Representative Neptali Gonzales II called for the voting, saying copies had already been distributed to all members.

    Minority Leader and Albay Representative Edcel Lagman, however, objected to the voting because the copy of the final version had not yet been reviewed by his colleagues. He also said there was no urgency to vote on it within the day.

    The approved version will be sent to the Senate for its own deliberation. The final version will be done by the bicameral conference committee composed of a small group of congressmen and senators.

    Davao del Sur Representative Douglas Cagas said the budget they voted on is the "exact replica" of the National Expenditure Program and did not incorporate their amendments, including capital outlay for state universities and colleges.

    Representative Neri Colmenares of Bayan Muna partylist also lamented that the proposed budget had many lump-sum items, which "is complete anathema to the zero-based budget and not according to need or capacity."

    In rejecting the proposed budget, Representative Luz Ilagan of Gabriela partylist expressed "great disappointment," saying the budget was "obviously skewed toward the wrong priorities."

    "When we ended session, we were given hope there were amendments to be submitted and Gabriela complied with this proposal; now we feel our expectations have not been met," she said.

    Zambales Representative Ma. Milagros Magsaysay said the budget they voted on did not reflect the "intelligent" deliberations at the committee level. She said there remained no budget for rural electrification, farm-to-market roads and health. She added the administration had been "stubborn and unyielding" in its stance to keep their proposed budget.

    The proposed budget is P104 billion more, or 6.8 percent higher, than the 2010 budget, with the bulk of spending going to interest payments on government obligations and for salary increases of government personnel. Interest payments amount to P370 billion in the 2011 budget from this year's P340 billion.

    Congressmen will still get P70 million each and senators P200 million each in priority development assistance fund (PDAF), or pork barrel. Aside from this, each district lawmaker will have at least P50 million in infrastructure projects from the lump-sum allocation of the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH).

    The DSWD's budget got a biggest leap with a 123 percent increase, from P15.4 billion in 2010 to P34.3 billion in 2011. This is due to the P21 billion allocated to the conditional cash transfer, which several lawmakers said got funding at the expense of other agencies and programs such as the sitio and barangay electrification of the National Electrification Administration and the palay procurement program of the National Food Authority, which both got zero outlay.

    The P21 billion to be spent next year for CCT aims to benefit an additional 1.3 million families, which will each get P1,400 for 10 months.

    The Department of Education will still get the biggest chunk of the budget (P207.3 billion), followed by the Department of Public Works and Highways (P110.6 billion); 

    Department of National Defense (P104.7 billion), Department of Interior and Local Government (P88.2 billion), Department of Agriculture (P37.7 billion), Department of Social welfare and Development (P34.4 billion), Department of Health (P33.3 billion); 

    Department of Transportation and Communication (P32.2 billion), Department of Agrarian Reform (P16.7 billion), and the Judiciary (P14.3 billion).

    A total of P143 billion is allocated for infrastructure programs and P12.5 billion for the government's private-public partnerships (PPP), which will be found in the budgets of the Agriculture; Transportation and Communication; and Public Works and Highways departments.

    Aquino respects South Korea's right to bar entry

    by By Willard Cheng and Ryan Chua, ABS-CBN News
    MANILA, Philippines - President Benigno Aquino III said on Monday that he respects the right of countries to determine who will be allowed entry into their respective borders. 

    DFA: No diplomatic protest over activists' deportation

    by By Sheryll Mundo, ABS-CBN News
    MANILA, Philippines - The Department of Foreign Affairs on Monday said it is still too early to say if the deportation of 7 Filipino activists from South Korea calls for the filing of a diplomatic protest.

    Clinton visit shows PHL is safe, Aquino says

    The visit of former US President Bill Clinton to the Philippines despite the US government's travel warning on the country due to terror threats shows that the nation remains safe for tourists, President Benigno Aquino III said on Monday.

    Clinton's security exempt from gun ban

    by By Niña Corpuz, ABS-CBN News
    MANILA, Philippines - Tight security protection will be given to United States (US) President Bill Clinton as he visits the Philippines on November 10, 2010 following advisories against travel to the Philippines issued by the United States and other countries in view of possible terrorist attacks.

    Aquino says he has no scheduled meeting with Clinton

    President Aquino said on Monday there is no scheduled meeting between him and former United States President Bill Clinton, who will be here on Wednesday to attend a forum at the Manila Hotel.

    US Ambassador: I feel safe here

    MANILA, Philippines - United States Ambassador Harry Thomas, Jr. said it's very safe to travel in the Philippines.

    US ambassador: Advisory not meant to stop Americans from visting PHL

    United States (US) Ambassador Harry Thomas clarified on Monday that the US travel advisory to the Philippines, which warned of an imminent terrorist attack, was not intended to prohibit American travelers from coming to the country.

    No RH talks before Aquino's trip to Japan

    The much-awaited dialogue on reproductive health between the government and the Church will likely not take place this week as President Benigno Simeon "Noynoy" Aquino III already has several engagements, including one out of the country.

    PNoy urged to raise comfort women issue during Japan visit

    Party-list representatives on Monday urged President Benigno Aquino III to raise the issue of the Filipino comfort women during his official visit to Japan on November 14.

    Minority moves to stall amnesty for mutineers

    by By RG Cruz, ABS-CBN News
    MANILA, Philippines - A senior member of the minority in the House of Representatives wants a revisit of the Feliciano Commission's findings first before any amnesty is approved for soldiers involved in the Oakwood Incident of 2003.

    Improvised bomb kills 3 in Masbate

    MANILA, Philippines - Three people died were killed after an improvised explosive device went off in Masbate province over the weekend, the military reported Monday.

    It was a bomb explosion, says Sollano on the Glorietta blast

    Bomb expert Allan Sollano appeared before the Department of Justice (DoJ) and executed an affidavit indicating a cover up on the Glorietta blast, saying his initial report that the explosion was caused by a bomb was dismissed by his superiors and was told to be silent about it.

    Court grants Ampatuan Jr. for continued trial on 57 counts of murder

    A Quezon City court has granted the plea of Andal Ampatuan Jr. for the continued trial of the 57 counts of murder against him and for the presentation of two prosecution witnesses each hearing.

    Another Maguindanao massacre suspect surrenders

    A former town vice mayor, who is a former close aide of Maguindanao massacre principal suspect Andal Ampatuan Jr., surrendered to authorities Sunday morning, the military here said.

    '100 lawmakers support Deles ouster resolution'

    by By RG Cruz, ABS-CBN News
    MANILA, Philippines - The confirmation of Presidential Peace Adviser Teresita Ging Deles may be jeopardized after a resolution calling for her ouster gained more supporters in the House of Representatives, a House minority leader said Monday.

    MILF demands to be cleared in Maguindanao bus bombing

    Muslim separatist rebels in the Philippines urged the government Monday to retract a statement blaming them for a deadly bus bombing, warning it could undermine peace talks set to resume this month.

    Bishop asks: Is PNoy indirectly benefiting from jueteng?

    Ibinunyag ni retired Archbishop Oscar Cruz na nadagdagan pa ang mga gobernador na nasasangkot sa operasyon ng jueteng sa Luzon! Tanong tuloy ni Cruz, indirekta kayang nakinabang si Pangulong Noynoy Aquino sa jueteng kaya hindi ito nagpupursige sa pagsugpo sa ilegal na sugal? Bagay na mabilis namang itinanggi ng Palasyo!

    PRC announces 48 new aeronautical engineers

    MANILA, Philippines – The Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) on Monday announced that 48 out of 120 passed the Aeronautical Engineer Licensure Examination given by the Board of Aeronautical Engineering in Manila this November 2010.

    PRC approves real estate service applicants

    MANILA, Philippines - The Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) on Monday announced on Monday that 10 Real Estate Consultants, 33 Real Estate Appraisers and 531 Real Estate Brokers applicants were approved for registration without examination by the Examination Committee for Real Estate Service in Manila last October 2010.

    Proposed departure fee is added burden to OFWs - Binay

    Vice President Jejomar Binay has asked the Bureau of Customs (BOC) to "reconsider" its plan to charge departing airline passengers an additional fee, to raise funds to cover the accumulated back wages and overtime pay of its employees, which have remained unpaid for years.

    PAL doubts legal basis of union strike

    MANILA, Philippines - The management of local carrier Philippine Airlines expressed doubt that the second notice of strike recently filed by its ground crew union has legal basis.

    PAL union asks labor chief to resign

    MANILA, Philippines - labor union of Philippine Airline's ground crew is asking for the resignation of the labor chief as the row with management remains unsolved.

    PRC Board members top DOLE's wealthiest

    by By David Dizon,
    MANILA, Philippines - Members of various boards of the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) are among the top 10 wealthiest officials in the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE).

    The list of DOLE officials' net worth for December 2009 showed that 9 PRC Board Members and one commissioner comprise the top 10 wealthiest officials in DOLE.

    "We are publishing the list of assets and net worth of DOLE officials in the interest of transparency. We have nothing to hide," DOLE Spokesman Nicon Fameronag said in an interview.

    The PRC is an attached agency  under the DOLE. It administers the licensure examinations of the various regulatory boards, and enforces government regulations with respect to the licensing of most professions and occupations.

    Those appointed to the various PRC regulatory boards are usually professionals who have served in the private sector for many years. 

    Professionals top wealthiest list

    Marietta Bundalian Segovia, a member of the PRC Board of Architecture, topped the list of wealthy DOLE officials with declared assets, liabilities and net worth of P136,554,278 as of December 31, 2009.

    Segovia is a member and past president of the United Architects of Philippines - Makati Chapter, a member of the Philippine Institute of Interior Designers, the Guild of Decorative Artists affiliated with Ayala Museum, and the Art Association of the Philippines.

    She is the principal architect and general manager of M.B. Segovia Design  Studio, a firm that specializes in space planning, interior architecture, interior decoration, furniture design, renovation, and face-lifting of homes, residential condominiums, resort hotel rooms, spas and building offices. She is also an executive officer at W.L. Segovia and Associates, Inc., a partner of the Segovia Design Associates and an Executive Director of the Segovia Development Corporation.

    Second on the list is Elenita Cabrera, vice-chairman of the PRC Board of Accountancy, with a declared net worth of 
    P97,500,000 as of December 2009.

    Third on the list is Melinda L Garcia, member of the PRC Board of Dentistry, with a net worth of P83,930,000.

    Fourth and fifth on the list are Josefina Ramos and Sonia Olivares, members of the boards of environmental planning and interior design. Ramos had a declared net worth of P52,266,000 while Olivares declared a net worth of P51,276,749.

    PRC Assistant Commissioner Alfredo Po also made it to the list of wealthiest officials in DOLE. He placed 6th on the list with declared net worth of P42,280,000.

    DOLE's top 10 wealthiest

    The top 10 wealthiest DOLE officials are:

    1. Marietta Segovia - Member-Board of Architecture (PRC) - P136,554,278.00
    2. Elenita Cabrera - Vice Chairman-Board of Accountancy (PRC) 97,500,000.00
    3. Melinda L Garcia - Member-Board of Dentistry (PRC) - P83,930,000.00
    4. Josefina M. Ramos - Board of Environmental Planning (PRC) P52,266,000.00
    5.  Sonia S. Olivares - Board of Interior Design (PRC) P51,276,749.00
    6. Alfredo Y. Po - Assistant Commissioner (PRC) - P42,280,000.00
    7. Apollo S. Enriquez - Chairman-Board of Civil Engineering (PRC) - P43,587,138.55
    8. Francisco A. Navarro - Member-Board of Geology (PRC) - P29,970,000.00
    9. Jaime Mendoza -  Member-Board of Electrical Engineering (PRC) - P21,152,000.00
    10. Victoriano Alojado - Member-Board of Marine Deck Officers (PRC) - P21,062,000.00

    PRC Chairman Nicolas Lapeña was among the top 20 wealthiest officials in the DOLE, with a net worth of P16,690,749.35 as of December 2009.

    Labor secretary's net worth: P1.7M

    On the other hand, the current labor secretary, Rosalinda Baldoz, only had a declared net worth of P1,763,053.08 last year.

    A PRC Board member is also deemed one of the poorest in the labor department. Lorna Gabad, a member of the PRC Board of Social Workers, had only a declared net worth of  P50,500 for December 2009.

    Other officials on the bottom of the DOLE list are DOLE Director III Alex Avila (P77,472), Agustin Fudolig, a member of the PRC Board of Metallurgical Engineering (P100,181.90), and DOLE Director IV Rebecca Chato (P170,000).

    The PRC regulates and supervises the practice of professionals who constitute highly skilled manpower of the country. There are 43 Professional Regulatory Boards that exercise administrative, quasi-legislative, and quasi-judicial powers over their respective professions.

    SB 2566 seeks to limit the bonuses of directors and trustees of GOCCs to two months worth of the chief executive officer's salary. It likewise seeks to limit the money they receive as per diems and prohibits them from receiving any other compensation or benefits. 

    Any other bonuses shall be subject to the approval of the president, the bill states.

    Under the same bill, a Governance Council for GOCCs (GCG) shall be created to monitor and enforce the policies of state firms. It shall be an attached agency of the Office of the President (OP) with an initial allocation of P10 million from the OP's contingent fund. 

    Purisima, however, suggested that the GCG be attached to the DOF because their department is mandated to ensure that all overall fiscal resources of government are "properly managed."

    He also suggested that the GCG be chaired by the DOF secretary because his department is in charge of the country's finances. He added that the shortlist of GOCC board of trustees or directors prepared by the GCG be made in consultation with supervising departments and agencies.

    Under SB 2566, the GCG will have three ex-officio members including the secretaries of the DOF and DBM, and the chairman of the National Economic Development Authority. Two other members will represent the private sector.

    Purisima also said that 180 days from the bill's passage – instead of 90 – may be a "more realistic" timetable to draft an ownership and operations manual governing GOCCs.

    On the other hand, Budget Secretary Florencio Abad wants the bill to give "emphasis" on the GOCCs that are not limited by the salary standardization law. 

    Senator Franklin Drilon, who authored the bill, said that they will go through the amendments suggested by Purisima and Abad. "We will include these amendments in the committee report," he said after the hearing.

    "We are confident that with the bill, once it becomes law, the abuses we saw on the part of the GOCCs will no longer be possible," he added.

    Drilon had earlier spearheaded a series of hearings on the alleged excessive pays and bonuses being received by GOCC and GFI officials. The inquiry revealed that some state firms issued excessive pays and bonuses despite owing the national government at least P3.2 billion in unpaid remittances.

    $1: 43.245

    $1: 43.245 (P42.70)

    Euro 1: 59.8807

    DOF: Deficit to stay within P325-B ceiling

    The Aquino administration will have enough money for the rest of the year for its operations without having to go overboard its target deficit for the year, the finance secretary said Monday.

    DOF, DBM seek amendments in GOCC bill

    The Department of Finance (DOF) and the Department of Budget and Management (DBM) have sought several amendments in a bill that seeks to limit the pay and bonuses of executives in government-owned and -controlled corporations (GOCCs).

    Flights resume to Indonesia after volcano chaos

    by Agence France-Presse
    JAKARTA, Indonesia - International flights to Indonesia's capital Jakarta returned to normal on Monday, officials said, a day ahead of a visit by US President Barack Obama, after volcanic ash caused a weekend of travel chaos.

    Obama credits Gandhi with helping him to presidency

    NEW DELHI—US President Barack Obama paid fulsome tribute Monday to Mahatma Gandhi and said studying the legacy of India's independence icon had helped propel him to the White House.

    Pope summons cardinals over sexual abuse—Vatican

    VATICAN CITY—Pope Benedict XVI has summoned his cardinals to Rome for November 19 to discuss the Catholic Church's response to cases of sexual abuse by clergymen, the Vatican said in a statement on Monday.

    Roach: Pacquiao has all the answers for Margarito

    HOLLYWOOD — No more sleepless nights for Manny Pacquiao's trainer Freddie Roach. The hard grind is over for him and the pound-for-pound king.

    Margarito draws thousands of fans during public workout

    HOLLYWOOD--Who says Antonio Margarito has lost his mass appeal?

    Pacquiao tells 60 Minutes: 'I'm the best boxer ever'

    MANILA, Philippines – Filipino boxing superstar Manny Pacquiao was regarded by American television newsmagazine "60 Minutes" as a "phenomenon," given his unprecedented achievements in his sport.

    Pacman, family pray for the upcoming fight

    Humingi ng gabay sa Panginoon si Manny Pacquiao at sinamahan siya ng mga Pinoy sa Amerika.

    Pacquiao off to Arlington for final stop

    Boxing sensation Manny Pacquiao goes to Arlington, Texas today for the final stop in his quest for more boxing glory. The 31-year-old Filipino southpaw's departure for the Lone Star State signals the formal countdown for his Nov. 13 showdown with Antonio Margarito of Mexico for the World Boxing Council (WBC) super-welterweight championship.

    PH to send leanest Asiad lineup in 25 years

    The Philippines will be fielding its leanest Asian Games delegation in 25 years when the competition gets going in Guangzhou Friday.

    The national contingent will be bannered by 188 athletes, following the addition of basketball players Sol Mercado and Chris Lutz, whose accreditations were approved by the Guangzhou Asian Games Organizing Committee on Monday.

    The country sent 253 athletes four years ago to the Asian Games in Doha, Qatar, where they collected four gold medals on top of six silvers and nine bronzes.

    The reduced number of athletes was a result of a stringent selection process employed by the Philippine Olympic Committee, which is hoping to improve the athletes-to-medal ratio from the last Asiad.

    The delegation also includes 53 coaches, 17 managers, 12 headquarters staff and a 10-man medical crew.

    The Filipino athletes will be seeing action in only 29 of 43 sports in Guangzhou.

    The bulk of the contingent will arrive in Guangzhou on Wednesday, while POC president Jose Cojuangco Jr. and chief of mission Joey Romasanta will fly in a day later in time for the November 11 flag raising ceremony.

    PHL boxers ready, confident for Asiad

    The six-man Philippine boxing team is all geared up for the 16th Asian Games in Guangzhou, China.

    Lakers 7-0 after Gasol has triple-double (AP)

    Justin Timberlake dribbles a basketball near the Los Angeles Lakers ' bench and Kobe Bryant , left, during a basketball game against the Portland Trail Blazers  in Los Angeles, on Sunday, Nov. 7, 2010.

    Pau Gasol had 20 points, 14 rebounds and 10 assists while completing his fourth career triple-double by the third quarter, and the Los Angeles Lakers easily improved to 7-0 for the fifth time in franchise history with a 121-96 victory over the Portland Trail Blazers on Sunday night. Lamar Odom had 21 points and 12 rebounds, Kobe Bryant scored 12 points and Ron Artest played stringent defense.

    Celts open road trip by beating Thunder (AP)

    Boston Celtics guard Ray Allen , center, shoots between Oklahoma City Thunder guard Thabo Sefolosha , left, and forward Serge Ibaka , right, during the first quarter of an NBA basketball game in Oklahoma City, Sunday, Nov. 7, 2010. Boston won 92-83.

    Shrek and Donkey are back at it again for the Boston Celtics. Ray Allen scored 19 points, Boston's reserves helped prevent a big lead from slipping away in the fourth quarter and the Celtics opened a four-game road trip Sunday night with a 92-83 victory over the Oklahoma City Thunder.

    Rockets earn first win, top Wolves (AP)

    Houston Rockets ' Kevin Martin (12) drives against Minnesota Timberwolves ' Wesley Johnson (4) during the first quarter of an NBA basketball game Sunday, Nov. 7, 2010, in Houston. The Rockets beat the Timberwolves 120-94.

    This time, there was no second half disappearing act by the Houston Rockets. Luis Scola scored 24 points and Kevin Martin added 21 to help the Houston Rockets win their first game of the season with a 120-94 rout of the Minnesota Timberwolves on Sunday night.

    Stuckey earns redemption in Pistons' win (AP)

    Golden State Warriors ' Stephen Curry reacts after missing a 3-point shot against the Detroit Pistons that would have tied the NBA basketball game with 13 seconds left Sunday, Nov. 7, 2010, in Auburn Hills, Mich. Detroit's Richard Hamilton was fouled on the rebound and made them both shots. Detroit won 102-97.

    Rodney Stuckey wasn't thinking about redemption on Sunday night. He might have gotten some anyway. Stuckey finished a tumultuous five-day stretch with 21 points and nine assists to help the Detroit Pistons beat the Golden State Warriors 102-97. Stuckey's problems started early in the second half of Wednesday's loss in Atlanta.

    Suns deal Hawks first loss, 118-114 (AP)

    Phoenix Suns guard Goran Dragic , left, of Slovenia, takes a foul from Atlanta Hawks center Zaza Pachulia , right, of Georgia, during the fourth quarter of an NBA basketball game at Philips Arena, Sunday, Nov. 7, 2010, in Atlanta. The Suns won 118-114.

    The Phoenix Suns are making progress in their search to develop a new chemistry following the departure of Amare Stoudemire. Considering the brutal schedule they have played in their first six games, the process hasn't been easy. Jason Richardson scored 21 points, Steve Nash added 19 and the Suns held off Atlanta's second-half comeback to beat the Hawks 118-114 on Sunday.

    Scores Refresh: Off | On
    See full schedule
    National Basketball Association
    Monday, November 8, 2010
    Golden State at Toronto
    7:00 PM ET Record
    GS 4-2 (0-2 V)
    TOR 1-5 (1-1 H)
    San Antonio at Charlotte
    7:00 PM ET Record
    SA 4-1 (2-0 V)
    CHAR 1-5 (0-2 H)
    Denver at Chicago
    8:00 PM ET Record
    DEN 4-2 (2-1 V)
    CHI 2-3 (2-1 H)
    Atlanta at Orlando
    7:00 PM ET Record
    ATL 6-1 (4-0 V)
    ORL 4-1 (3-0 H)
    Phoenix at Memphis
    8:00 PM ET Record
    PHO 3-3 (2-1 V)
    MEM 3-4 (1-1 H)
    Boston at Dallas
    8:30 PM ET Record
    BOS 6-1 (2-1 V)
    DAL 3-2 (1-2 H)

    Jinggoy wants Shalani as leading lady

    by by Ryan Chua, ABS-CBN News
    MANILA, Philippines - Senate President Pro Tempore Jinggoy Estrada, a movie actor, said he wants the President's ex-girlfriend Shalani Soledad to be his leading lady if ever he stars in a new film.

    PNoy wishes Shalani Soledad well

    by by Willard Cheng, ABS-CBN News
    MANILA, Philippines - President Benigno Aquino III on Monday wished Valenzuela City councilor Shalani Soledad well in her new job as co-host of Willie Revillame's television program, "Willing Willie."

    Kris Aquino drops Yap surname

    MANILA, Philippines - Television host Kris Aquino, President Benigno Aquino III's youngest sister, is dropping the surname of her estranged husband, James Yap.

    Dolphy thanks PNoy for grand award

    MANILA, Philippines - President Benigno Aquino III conferred the Grand Collar of the Order of the Golden Heart on actor-comedian Rodolfo "Dolphy" Vera Quizon at the Rizal Ceremonial Hall in Malacañang on Monday.

    Charice, Pacquiao, Dolphy welcome back Noli, Korina

    MANILA, Philippines – Three big celebrities were glad that veteran broadcasters Noli de Castro and Korina Sanchez are back in "TV Patrol," ABS-CBN's flagship news program.

    Charice to receive gold record award in Japan

    Masuwerte tayo, Kapamilya. Ipinarinig ngayon ni Charice ang Christmas carol na kakantahin nya kahilera ang bigating singers na sina Mariah Carey, Josh Groban at iba pa. Certified gold record naman ang album ni Charice sa Japan.

    Gerald Anderson driving a stolen Hummer?

    MANILA, Philippines – Authorities have impounded Gerald Anderson's luxury vehicle due to fake plate number and lack of necessary documents to prove that its purchase was legal, entertainment program "The Buzz" reported Sunday.

    Katrina Paula: I know nothing about carnapping

    Wala akong alam! Ito ang iginiit ng dating sexy starlet na si Katrina Paula sa kanyang muling paglantad sa media matapos iugnay ang kanyang pangalan sa carnapping.

    Pinoys win 2 gold medals in World Robot Olympiad

    MANILA, Philippines - The country's schools emerged victorious in this year's World Robot Olympiad (WRO).

    P354-M Grand Lotto jackpot remains elusive, to get bigger

    No one won the P354-million jackpot in Monday night's 6/55 Grand Lotto draw, the Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office said.

    Classical music cuts crime in New Zealand city

    by Agence France-Presse
    WELLINGTON - Classical music piped through speakers has dramatically reduced crime rates in the centre of New Zealand's second largest city, retailers said Monday.

    Networth of DOLE Officials

    NETWORTH OF DOLE OFFICIALS As of December 31, 2009

    Republic of the Philippines
    Intramuros, Manila

    As of December 31, 2009 

    Abaño, Kathryn Milagrosa B.
    Member-Board of Interior Design (PRC)
    Abaquin, Carmencita M.
    Chairman- Board of Nursing (PRC)
    Abayuan, Romeo
    Member-Board of Marine Deck Officers (PRC)
    Abugan, Jose G.
    Chairman-Board of Marine Engine Officers (PRC)
    Adriano, Antonio S.
    Agravante, Raymundo G.
    Director IV
    Alli, Armando N.
    Chairman-Board of Architecture (PRC)
    Alojado, Victoriano A.
    Member-Board of Marine Deck Officers (PRC)
    Aquino, Jaime D.
    Chairman-Board of Marine Deck Officers (PRC)
    Aragon, Ma. Joji V.
    Assistant Secretary
    Arugay, Yolanda C.
    Member-Board of Nursing (PRC)
    Avila, Alex V.
    Director III
    Bachiller, Faith M.
    Member- Baord of Professional Teachers (PRC)
    Bajador, Joel B.
    Member-Board of Electronics Engineering (PRC)
    Baldoz, Rosalinda D.
    Banawis, Stella Z.
    Director IV-POEA
    Barayuga, Helen S.
    Director II-POEA
    Batino, Jose Maria S. (Joint)
    OIC-Deputy Exec. Director-OSHC
    Bautista, Restituto U.
    Member-Board of Geodetic Engineering (PRC)
    Bonghanoy, Teresita T.
    OIC-Asst. Regional Director
    Bumanlag, Gloria M.
    Member-Board of Dentistry (PRC)
    Cabrera, Ernesto W.
    Member-Board of Criminology (PRC)
    Cabrera, Ma. Elenita B.
    Vice Chairman-Board of Accountancy (PRC)
    Cacdac, Hans Leo J.
    Calica, Constantino L.
    Chairman-Board of Customs Brokers (PRC)
    Calzado, Rebecca J.
    Assistant Secretary
    Cañete, Johnson G.
    Deputy Executive Director IV-NCMB
    Cano, Sisinio B.
    Director III
    Casco, Liberty T.
    Director II-POEA
    Castro, Mike L.
    Member-Board of Marine Deck Officers (PRC)
    Catalig, Viveca C.
    Deputy Administrator-POEA
    Cayanong, Elias A.
    Director IV
    Centi, Yahya A.
    Director III
    Chato, Rebecca C.
    Director IV
    Chua Chiaco, Angeline T.
    Member-Board of Architecture (PRC)
    Cilindro, Chita DG.
    Director IV
    Conti, Elnora L.
    Member-Board of Librarians (PRC)
    Conti, Leonardo A.
    Member- Board of Mechanical Engineering (PRC)
    Crisostomo, Dolores H.
    Director II-POEA
    Cucueco, Ma. Teresita S.
    OIC-Executive Director-OSHC
    Cuervo, Ramon III C.
    Member- Board of Real Estate Service (PRC)
    Cueto, Jose Jr. Y.
    Member- Board of Medicine (PRC)
    Dannug, Crispin Jr. D.
    Director III
    De Guzman, Nimfa D.
    Acting Director IV-POEA
    Dela Cruz, Catalino R.
    Member-Board of Fisheries (PRC)
    Dela Torre, Jalilo O. (Joint)
    OIC-Director IV
    Devanadera, Noriel P.
    Deputy Administrator-POEA
    Dimzon, Carmelita S.
    Dione, Ana C.
    Director IV
    Dizon, Melchor B.
    Director IV
    Domingo, Jesus Gabriel C.
    Director II
    Empaynado, Amelia T.
    Director II-PRC
    Endriga, Dolores A.
    Member-Board of Environmental Planning (PRC)
    Enriquez, Apollo S.
    Chairman-Board of Civil Engineering (PRC)
    Espino, Alfredo B.
    Member- Board of Sanitary Engineering (PRC)
    Estillore, Lilia (Joint)
    Director II
    Faire, Leonila A.
    Member-Board of Nursing (PRC)
    Fajardo, Rafael M.
    Member- Board of Real Estate Service (PRC)
    Fameronag, Nicon F.
    Director III
    Feraro, Daniel G.
    Member-Board of Dentistry (PRC)
    Ferreras, Ernesto Jr. B.
    Chairman-Board of Aeronautical Engineering (PRC)
    Flores, Jennifer M.
    Member- Board of Pharmacy (PRC)
    Fudolig, Agustin M.
    Member-Board of Metallurgical Engineering (PRC)
    Gabad, Lorna C.
    Member- Board of Social Workers (PRC)
    Garcia, Melinda L.
    Member-Board of Dentistry (PRC)
    Garcia, Nenita O.
    OIC-Director IV
    Gonzales, Joel M.
    Director III
    Guirao, Esther F.
    Deputy Executive Director-NWPC
    Guzman, Luzviminda S.
    Chairman-Board of Guidance and Counselling (PRC)
    Hornilla, Patricia P.
    Deputy Executive Director-NWPC
    Illescas, Violeta D.
    Director IV
    Jalbuena, Henry John S.
    Director IV
    Julian, Jay T.
    Director IV
    Lacambra, Nathaniel V.
    Director IV
    Lagunzad, Ciriaco III A.
    Executive Director IV-NWPC
    Lapeña, Nicolas Jr. P.
    Lara, Florimond M.
    Member- Board of Sanitary Engineering (PRC)
    Leynes, Fortunato C.
    Chairman-Board of Electrical Engineering (PRC)
    Ligutom, Ponciano M.
    Director IV
    Macaraya, Alan M.
    Director IV
    Malia, Redentor C.
    Member-Board of Aeronautical Engineering (PRC)
    Manalili, Jennifer J.
    Mangila, Valentino M.
    Member-Board of Master Plumber (PRC)
    Manzala, Teresita R.
    Director IV
    Mapile, Francis V.
    Member-Board of Electrical Engineering (PRC)
    Marasigan, Miguel O.
    Member-Board of Marine Deck Officers (PRC)
    Martinez, Ricardo S.
    Director IV
    Mendoza, Jaime V.
    Member-Board of Electrical Engineering (PRC)
    Mendoza, Ma. Salome S.
    Director II-POEA
    Mijares, Jeffrey G.
    Member-Board of Chemical Engineering (PRC)
    Morada, Elena V.
    Member-Board of Guidance and Counselling (PRC)
    Muñoz, Violeta N.
    Director IV
    Nague, Ferdinand A.
    Member-Board of Customs Brokers (PRC)
    Navarro, Francisco A.
    Member-Board of Geology (PRC)
    Nera, Corazon M.
    Chariman-Board of Librarians (PRC)
    Nera, Enrico C.
    Chairman-Board of Metallurgical Engineering (PRC)
    Noche, Miguel Jr. L.
    Member- Board of Medicine (PRC)
    Olivares, Sonia S.
    Member-Board of Interior Design (PRC)
    Pabiton, Carmelita P.
    Member-Board of Guidance and Counselling (PRC)
    Padaen, Alejandro A.
    Director IV-POEA
    Pascual, Shirley M.
    Deputy Executive Director IV-NCMB
    Peralta, Ma. Teresa V.
    OIC-Director IV
    Pesons, Carlito B.
    Chairman-Board of Landscape Architecture (PRC)
    Po, Alfredo Y.
    Assistant Commissioner (PRC)
    Po, Perla G.
    Member-Board of Nursing (PRC)
    Puguon, Forter G.
    Director IV
    Quismundo, Cristina O.
    Director IV
    Ramos, Josefina M.
    Chairman-Board of Environmental Planning (PRC)
    Reyes, Amuerfina R.
    Director IV
    Rodriguez, Sixto Jr., T.
    Director III
    Roldan, Manuel C.
    OIC-Regional Director
    Romero, Corazon DLR.
    Chariman-Board of Sanitary Engineering (PRC)
    Romero, Felixberta N.
    Director II-POEA
    Rosales, Amelia B.
    Member-Board of Nursing (PRC)
    Rosas, Nilo L.
    Sanchez, Jocelyn T.
    Director II-POEA
    Sarcauga, Exequiel R. (Joint)
    Director III
    Segovia, Marietta B.
    Member-Board of Architecture (PRC)
    Simbulan, Benjamin Pablo E.
    Member-Board of Aeronautical Engineering (PRC)
    Simbulan, Virgilio D.
    Chairman-Board of Master Plumber (PRC)
    Sison, Teofilo Gauis M. Jr.
    Director II-PRC
    Soriano, Ma. Teresa M.
    Assistant Secretary
    Sto. Domingo. Elmira C.
    Director II-POEA
    Sto. Tomas, Avito G.
    Director III
    Sto. Tomas, Marco Antonio C.
    Member-Board of Nursing (PRC)
    Suyao, Joffrey M.
    Director III
    Sy, Maria Criselda R.
    Director IV
    Tablang, Evelyn F.
    OIC Executive Director-ECC
    Tamesis, Emmanuel V.
    Chairman-Board of Geology (PRC)
    Tango, Maria Gloria A.
    Director IV
    Ticao, Cyril L.
    Director III
    Torres, Josefino I.
    Director IV
    Trasmonte, Lourdes M.
    Tutay, Dominique R.
    Director IV
    Uba, Eldefonso G.
    Member-Board of Marine Deck Officers (PRC)
    Ubaldo, Reynaldo R.
    Executive Director IV-NCMB
    Uriarte, Monina T.
    Chairman- Board of Foresters (PRC)
    Valderrama, Ma. Celeste M.
    Director IV
    Valiente, Irma S.
    Director III
    Villafuerte, Brenda L.
    Director IV
    Villaluna, Augusto C.
    Member- Board of Mining Engineering (PRC)
    Villamayor, Lucia L.
    Director II-POEA
    Villamor, Alvin M.
    OIC-Regional Director
    Vistro, Candida B.
    Director II-POEA
    Vosotros, Vicente B.
    Member- Board of Mechanical Engineering (PRC)
    Young-Tiu, Marilyn M.
    Member- Board of Pharmacy (PRC)

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