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Thursday, March 3, 2011

March 4, 2011 Major News Stories (

March 4, 2011 Major News Stories
March 4, 2011 Major News Stories

Chevron to increase oil prices by P1 per liter

from - Breaking News by By Dennis Carcamo

MANILA, Philippines – Oil company Chevron announced that it would implement a P1 per liter increase in its petroleum products by midnight.

The price hike on gasoline, diesel and kerosene has been triggered by the continuous increase in the price of oil in the world market, reports said.

Other oil firms have yet to announce if they will follow Chevron's move.

Ramon Ang says oil prices will go down soon

MANILA, Philippines - The chairman of Petron Corp, the country's biggest oil retailer and refiner, said he agrees with the government's decision to hike on-shore inventory of oil products as the unrests in the Middle East and north Africa continue to pose potential supply problems.

Cortes to appeal to Rama

by cebuweb

MANDAUE City Mayor Jonas Cortes and members of the Mandaue City Council again plan to appeal to the Cebu City Government to reinstate the original route of 21B public utility jeepney (PUJ) drivers.

They are also calling for the release of PUJs impounded for violating Cebu City Ordinance 1837.

DFA condoles with kin of 11 Pinoys presumed dead in NZ quake

from GMA

The Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) on Thursday night extended condolences to the families of the 11 Filipinos who remain missing and are now presumed dead, after New Zealand authorities announced their shift of focus to recovering the remains of victims buried in the rubble of the recent massive earthquake that hit Christchurch.

4 OFWs of Gaddafis unable to leave: kin

MANILA, Philippines - Four Filipinas working for relatives of Libyan leader Moammar Gaddafi already want to flee from the strife-torn country.

In an interview with ABS-CBN News, the sibling of one of the domestic helpers said all four are crying for the government’s help.

“A lot of OFWs have gone home, except my sibling. I can’t sleep over it," Jennifer Rivera said.

Diana Rivera and 3 more Filipinas are serving Gaddafi’s niece and grandchild.

The Department of Foreign Affairs has refused to name the others.

Rivera said Diana was able to talk to her secretly over the phone, since the family has already deprived them of such. They have also allegedly been forbidden from contacting the Philippine embassy.

Diana supposedly said that even while at home, the relatives of Gaddafi are armed.

“They [helpers] have asked the family as to why they possess guns. The family supposedly said they [helpers] were not the targets,” Rivera said in Filipino.

Rivera noted that whenever there is a fire fight, Gaddafi’s relatives flee to a nearby safe house and leave behind the helpers.

She said Diana could not reveal their whereabouts.

In its latest report, however, the Department of Labor and Employment has already located the Gaddafi compound. Officials are still studying options as to how they could appeal for the release of the 4 OFWs.

In a text blast earlier this week, DFA Spokesman Ed Malaya said the department is already making arrangements for the repatriation of all 4.

OFWs vent out anger at Libyan employer

LIBYA – More than 100 overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) vented out their anger against their employer who abandoned them in the desert amidst the ongoing political turmoil in Libya.

The 100 OFWs became the biggest batch of Filipinos to cross the Egypt-Libyan border.

"Yung ibang dayuhan nakaalis na, kami na lang ang naiwan. Pinipigilan pa kaming makaalis. So nagkaisa kaming kahit anong mangyari, uuwi at uuwi kami," one of the workers said.

The OFWs are employed by the Jabel Oil Services or JOS, a manpower services company based in the desert of Gialo in Eastern Libya.

The workers are all angry at their Libyan employer and Egyptian manager who forced them to remain in the jobsite while the crisis continued to escalate in the country.

"Ang gusto lang po namin ay makauwi ng Pilipinas para makita ang aming mga pami-pamilya,” an OFW said.


Their employer also asked them to agree to sign a waiver stating that they can be fired from their jobs, and that the company will not be held liable if something happens to them in their escape from Libya.

Furthermore, their employer withheld their 2 months salary and even their passport.

The OFWs also criticized 2 Pinoy advisers of their Egyptian manager in Tripoli who allegedly made the waiver.

"Sana man lang nagmalakasakit siya sa kapwa niya Pilipino kasi ang hirap magtrabaho sa disyerto tapos sila sa opisina lang naghihintay lang ng income na galing sa disyerto. Sana tulungan naman nila ang may mga problema na trabahante. Wala e kampi sila sa opisina,” another worker said.

They admitted that working in the desert was not easy. They were made to work without overtime and day-off.

To ensure that the company’s operation will not be paralyzed, the workers were offered $500 to $1,000 bonus if they remain in the desert until March 15. Even though the offer was not in writing, 24 OFWs still decided to stay.

Owwa 7 open till 9 p.m., on weekends

by cebuweb

THE Overseas Workers Welfare Administration (Owwa) 7 has extended its office hours to 9 p.m. to attend to the needs of relatives of overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) stranded in conflict areas in the Middle East.

Relatives can also call or text the office hotline (09189214925), said Rey Jacalan, Owwa designated officer.

Fire hits boat at dock; welding tool blamed

by cebuweb

FIRE damaged a passenger ship while it was undergoing repair at the port area in Cebu City yesterday afternoon.

M/V Kinswell 2 incurred an estimated damage of P1.5 million, said fire investigator SFO1 Nilo Daculan.

Daculan said the ship, which plies the route Tu-bigon, Bohol-Cebu route and owned by George Tan, has been docked at the port for a week as it needs repairs.

Five fire trucks rushed to Pier 3 after the fire department received the alarm at 4:18 p.m., Daculan said.

Firefighters arrived at the scene at 4:22 p.m. and put the fire under control after 14 minutes.

Comar in, Codilla out

by By Rene U. Borromeo/FPL

Fire Supt. Aderson Comar is back at the Cebu City Fire Department after the Department of the Interior and Local Government reappointed him as fire marshal 23 days after his relief.

2 Chinese nationals freed

CEBU CITY -- The two Chinese nationals apprehended for carrying three kilos of white powder were released from the custody of the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA)-Central Visayas Thursday after the seized chemical was found negative of ephedrine, a main ingredient in making shabu.

Despite their release, Tek Man Wong, 54, and Xiuyu Tanare, 27, are not off the hook.

The Bureau of Customs (BOC) is looking into seizing the US$20,000 one of them brought but didn’t declare and of lodging a criminal case for violating a central bank circular.

That, as PDEA-Central Visayas Director Adrian Alvarino said Chinese consul Wang Jinyan demanded an apology from PDEA but the agency won’t be doing that because the apprehension of Wong and Tan was in the exercise of drug enforcement.

The substance has to be examined further by the Food and Drugs Administration (FDA) as it has not been classified as among the dangerous drugs, controlled precursor or essential chemical, the PDEA-Central Visayas said.

Pending FDA’s finding, it would still be unclear if the substance is agricultural or food preservative.

The release of Wong, 54, and Tan, 27, raised questions on the integrity of the conflicting test results—the field test at the Mactan Cebu International Airport (MCIA) where it initially showed content of ephedrine and the negative outcome of the confirmatory test done by the PDEA laboratory in Manila.

Alvarino said the initial field test result was not conclusive and that the substance needs further laboratory analysis to warrant the filing of a criminal case against the two foreigners.

Chemical analysis made by the Cebu City-based Philippine National Police (PNP) crime laboratory also revealed that the powder did not contain ephedrine.

Alvarino said the two Chinese nationals were still in the custody of the Bureau of Customs (BOC) when they sent a chemist and a lawyer for the initial test.

Reports said the K9 dog sat down on the luggage during the inspection at the airport, indicating the presence of the chemical or explosives inside.


But Alvarino said the K9 dog, which reacted to the presence of the chemical substance, has its own limitations too.

Factors that may have to be considered include the noise, presence of people and mixture of scents at the Mactan Cebu International Airport, he said.

Alvarino said the passive response of the drug sniffing dog was a reasonable ground for the PDEA-Central Visayas to check the substance and investigate.

“We assisted in good faith,” he added.

But lawyer Clarence Paul Oaminal, former Dangerous Drugs Board (DDB) vice chairman, wondered why samples of the substance had to be sent to Manila when the test can be handled by the local PNP crime laboratory.

He cited the confiscation of 1,800 kilos of pseudoephedrine shipment to Cebu in 2004, wherein authorities relied mainly on the chemical analysis of the PNP crime laboratory.

The seizure became controversial after former Cebu Provincial Board member John-John Osmeña was linked to the smuggling of the illegal stuff into the country.

Also, Oaminal said the initial field test analysis is accepted to warrant the filing of the criminal case under the rules on inquest of the Department of Justice.

He cited previous drug cases that resulted in the detention and conviction of several drug suspects based on the initial field test results.

“Provided that the confirmatory test analysis will follow and must be submitted within five days,” said the former PDEA-Central Visayas legal counsel.


He said the purpose of conducting the field test is to avoid humiliation of both parties.

Each seized illegal substance has its own corresponding re-agent chemical for analysis.

Oaminal said that practically the same re-agent is used both in the initial and confirmatory tests, only the latter is more extensive specifying therein the quantity and quality of the chemical substance.

Oaminal said the two K9 dogs are well-trained and blaming them for the confiscation of the substance would be unfair to the dogs.

“But I’m not imputing malice here. What is important is that proper protocol must be followed and the need to establish regional laboratory offices of the PDEA,” he added.

Alvarino said of Oaminal’s comments: “He is not an expert.”

Despite their release, Wong and Tan are not of the hook.

The Bureau of Customs (BOC) is looking into seizing the US$20,000 Tan brought but didn’t declare and of lodging a criminal case for violating a central bank circular.

“There is already a recommendation by the ESS (Enforcement and Security Services) at the Port of Mactan for the issuance of a warrant of seizure and detention,” said Cebu District Collector Ronnie Silvestre of the money.

The agency’s legal department, on the other hand, is inquiring into whether criminal charges may be filed for the non-declaration.

Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas Circular 507 requires that people bringing into the Philippines cash in excess of US$10,000 must make a written declaration that states where the money came from and why it is being brought in.

The requirement is aimed at monitoring the transport of sizeable amounts of foreign currency as part of the initiatives taken by the BSP to assist in the government’s efforts to curb money laundering in the country.


“I am just waiting for the recommendation of the investigator as to whether or not there is basis to file a case,” Silvestre said.

Silvestre said whatever action the BOC takes against Wong and Tan will be separate from whatever the PDEA intends to do.

“Even if it was, that belongs under PDEA’s exclusive jurisdiction,” he said.

Incidentally, the two were held initially not for the ephedrine but for the cash.

Wong had cleared customs but Tan, who was carrying one handcarry bag and her checked-in luggage, was asked to undergo inspection.

Customs examiners German Antopina and Ervin Ho asked Tan to open her hand-carried bag, reasoning that the BOC did not have an X-ray machine, and found the cash that wasn’t indicated in her customs declaration.

Cortes won’t kick out Mabanto from traffic board till he hears the fiscal’s side

by cebuweb

MANDAUE City Mayor Jonas Cortes plans to talk to a prosecutor who has been involved in three “road-rage incidents” since last year.

Members of the City Council, led by Vice Mayor Glenn Bercede, said the mayor is the best person to investigate Mandaue City Assistant Prosecutor Bienvenido Mabanto as he is the mayor’s appointee.

Removal of student representative results in calls for dean’s ouster

by cebuweb

SOME students, faculty and staff of the University of the Philippines Cebu College have called for the ouster of their dean, Dr. Enrique Avila.

Cornellius Elfie Dagmang, a member of the Nagkahiusang Kusog sa mga Estudyante (NKE), accused Avila of removing the students’ representative from the college’s executive committee.

Janitor inserted catheter; patient complains of bleeding

A PATIENT of a hospital in Bantayan Island is having difficulty relieving himself after the hospital reportedly ordered the facility’s janitor to be the one to insert his catheter.

Astero Rivera, 68, from Barangay Ticad, Bantay-an, has been urinating blood since the catheter was inserted improperly last Tuesday.

Bantayan Mayor Ian Chris Escario wants the incident investigated. Rivera reportedly works for him.

Last Tuesday, Rivera reportedly went to the Bantayan District Hospital after failing to urinate for three days.

The hospital decided to insert a catheter to solve his problem. But instead of the medical personnel, hospital janitor Arturo Abello performed the procedure.

Dr. James Najaro, a member of the hospital staff, confirmed it was Abello who inserted the catheter because there were too many patients to be handled by the hospital staff alone.

Najaro said the hospital trained Abello how to insert catheter. He said Abello used to work as the hospital’s security guard. He started working as utility man after Capitol sent another security guard.

Najaro said he was having difficulty inserting the catheter himself, and advised Rivera to transfer to Vicente Sotto Memorial Medical Center (VSMMC) in Cebu City.

Doctors at the VSMMC said the reason Rivero is urinating blood is that the catheter was not properly inserted.

Najaro said they are now making some changes in the way the district hospital is run.

Najaro said Escario has ordered him to investigate the incident.

Another doctor in the hospital, Dr. Tomasita Santillan, was on leave at the time of the incident and will report back to work today.

Ex-military comptroller’s brother-in-law denies being dummy

MANILA, Philippines—The brother-in-law of ex-military comptroller Jacinto Ligot finally faced the senators on Thursday to explain his personal wealth, but became forgetful on how he was able to build P255 million in assets over the years.

By his own recollection, Edgardo Yambao played the stocks, and traveled extensively abroad for business reasons from the late 1980s to early 2000s, even owning a house in Australia, and gambling in Las Vegas.

He denied being a dummy for Ligot, who has been charged for accumulating wealth well beyond his recognized income as an officer of the military.

Jinggoy: Ligot's wife sold US house to herself

from GMA

The wife of former military comptroller Lt. Gen. Jacinto Ligot once sold a house in the United States to herself.

General, family transferred accounts to friends, says senator

from Breaking News

A Senate investigation on Thursday revealed that the family of former military comptroller Jacinto Ligot had allegedly transferred several of their bank accounts to various individuals.

General, family transferred accounts to friends, says senator

from Breaking News

A Senate investigation on Thursday revealed that the family of former military comptroller Jacinto Ligot had allegedly transferred several of their bank accounts to various individuals.

Ex-SolGen, prosecutor: Deal with Garcia can still be withdrawn

from GMA

The controversial plea bargaining agreement between the Office of the Ombudsman and accused plunderer former military comptroller Carlos Garcia can still be withdrawn, a former solicitor general and special prosecutor said Thursday.

Ex-AFP chief Cimatu stumped by info on 2 Iloilo properties

from Breaking News

Former Armed Forces chief Roy Cimatu came under the spotlight in the Senate on Thursday over his purported acquisition of two pieces of property in Iloilo City as a young officer beyond his means.

PNoy to announce new AFP chief on Sunday

from by

MANILA, Philippines - President Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III will be announcing the new Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) Chief of Staff on Sunday, in time for the graduation of the cadets of the Philippine Military Academy (PMA).

Some ouster complaints weak, House panel head admits

from BusinessWorld Online -- The Nation

THE LIST of charges against Ombudsman Ma. Merceditas N. Gutierrez may be trimmed once the two complaints against her are consolidated so that a stronger impeachment case can be presented at the Senate for trial, the House justice committee chairman said yesterday.

Ombudsman pursues raps vs Tupas' dad

from by By Sheryll Mundo, ABS-CBN News

MANILA - The Office of the Ombudsman has junked the motion for reconsideration (MR) filed by Gov. Niel Tupas Sr. and his co-respondents in a graft case for lack of merit.

Fariñas readies impeach raps vs SC Justices

from by By RG Cruz, ABS-CBN News

MANILA, Philippines - Several justices of the Supreme Court will soon face impeachment raps before the House of Representatives over alleged abuses in the exercise of their constitutional powers.

PNoy still undecided on what govt post to give Heidi Mendoza

from GMA

President Benigno Aquino III has yet to decide on what position will be given to former state auditor and whistle-blower Heidi Mendoza.

PH checks reports of Chinese vessel ‘harassment’ in Spratlys

from Breaking News

The Philippine Coast Guard is checking reports that a Chinese vessel “harassed” on Wednesday a seismic and research vessel near the disputed Spratly Islands, which the Philippines and five other countries are claiming.

DoJ junks criminal case filed vs 24 Taiwanese nationals

from Breaking News

The Department of Justice (DoJ) has dismissed the criminal case filed by the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) and the Embassy of the People’s Republic of China against 24 Taiwanese nationals, 14 of who were deported.

FVR blames BI for PHL-Taiwan deportation row

from GMA

Calling the Bureau of Immigration "irresponsible" for deporting 14 Taiwanese nationals to mainland China, former President Fidel V. Ramos on Thursday blamed the agency for the dent in the relations between the Philippines and Taiwan.

Pinoy gang leader may get death penalty in US

LOS ANGELES, California - Sentencing for the convicted ring leader of the Asian  Boyz, an Asian American gang that once terrorized Southern California in the mid 90’s began Monday morning.

Marvin Mercado appeared in court wearing a suit. He stayed silent the whole day, sometimes glancing at the jurors.

Mercado faces a possible death sentence for 8 murders and 10 attempted murders that took place from 1995 to 1996.

In all the cases, Mercado either killed the victims himself or aided other gang members. He then fled to the Philippines with his brother Pierre as a fugitive where they were eventually captured in September of 2007.

Peso up on favorable economic reports from US, China

from Breaking News

The peso moved together with other Asian currencies and appreciated on Thursday against the US dollar as news reports reaffirming the healthy pace of global economic recovery this year lifted sentiment of investors.

New BSP memo creates dinar-peso exchange facility for Libya OFWs

from GMA

(Updated 7:29 p.m.) OFWs repatriated from strife-torn Libya may now exchange Libyan dinars for pesos, but only up to P10,000 maximum and within seven days upon landing in the Philippines, the Bangko Sentral said Thursday.

Immigration enforces travel ban to Libya, Yemen, Bahrain

from Breaking News

The Bureau of Immigration (BI) on Thursday ordered its personnel at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport and other airports to strictly enforce a ban on the departure of overseas Filipino workers for Libya, Yemen and Bahrain, which are experiencing civil unrest.

DOF signs pact with private groups to expose corruption

from Breaking News

The Department of Finance has entered into an agreement with business groups and civil society organizations to encourage citizens’ participation in ferreting out smugglers, tax cheats and corrupt government officials.

GSIS disburses nearly P40B in claims, benefits last year

from GMA

The Government Service Insurance System on Thursday said it paid nearly P40 billion in claims and benefits to its members and pensioners last year.

SSS considers increase in members' contributions

MANILA, Philippines – Social Security System (SSS), the state-owned pension fund for private employees, is planning to raise this year its contribution rate to 11% of a worker’s monthly salary credit (MSC) from the existing 10.4%, its top official told The STAR.

In a recent interview, SSS president and chief executive officer Emilio de Quiros Jr. said that an increase in the contribution rate would also mean higher benefits for members.

“We want to make SSS benefits more meaningful. If you want to increase your benefits, you have to increase your contributions. Right now, the contribution rate is only 10.4%. We’re looking at increasing the rate to 11%,” he said.

The higher contribution rate would be split between the employer and the employees, he pointed out.

He said the increase is minimal and would help ensure more benefits for members when they retire.

This is among the plans and programs which de Quiros plans to put in place during his term.

The last time the SSS raised its contribution rate was in January 2007, shared by both employer and employee.

Aside from raising the contribution rate, De Quiros said SSS also plans to increase the amount of the maximum MSC to more than the prevailing ceiling of P15,000.

At present, the minimum and maximum MSC brackets are P1,000 and P15,000, respectively.

“We’re planning to increase this to P20,000,” De Quiros said.

He said the increases are meant to improve the benefits received by members.

Benefits include different retirement benefits. A monthly pension is applicable to SSS members who have contributed for at least 120 months, has 60 years old and is not in gainful employment or self-employment or those who have reached 65 years old.

SSS retirees also receive 13th month pension and dependents’ pension for each minor child who is no more than 21 years old conceived prior to retirement, but not exceeding 5. Those who are of retirement age but not qualified for pension benefits are given a lump-sum amount equal to total contributions paid plus interest earned.

Members are also entitled to disability benefits. A monthly pension is provided in the case of permanent total disability for members who have at least 36 monthly contributions.

Libyan warplane pounds rebel-held town: residents

from by Agence France-Presse

BREGA, Libya - A fresh air strike targeted the rebel-held Libyan town of Brega on Thursday, residents said, one day after clashes between rebels and pro-regime fighters killed at least 12 people.

Egypt PM Ahmed Shafiq resigns: army

from by Agence France-Presse

CAIRO, Egypt - Egypt's military rulers have accepted the surprise resignation of Prime Minister Ahmed Shafiq, seen by protesters as a symbol of ousted president Hosni Mubarak's regime, the army said Thursday.

Indonesia to help Timor-Leste to become ASEAN member

from - Breaking News

Indonesia, the chairman of the ASEAN, will use its chairmanship to help Timor-Leste to become a member of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN), Indonesian Presidential Spokesman Teuku Faizasyah said here on Thursday.

Rome priest sentenced to 15 years for pedophilia

from Breaking News

ROME—A court in Rome on Thursday sentenced a former Catholic priest to 15 years in prison for child abuse, as a wave of pedophilia cases by clergymen across Europe reaches Pope Benedict XVI's doorstep.

Mayweathers send feelers for Pacquiao fight in South Africa

Filipino boxing superstar Manny Pacquiao's camp confirmed on Thursday that the side of Floyd Mayweather Jr. has sent feelers for getting back to the negotiating table to make the projected blockbuster bout between the world's top pound-for-pound boxers happen.

A report came out in ESPN UK that Jeff Mayweather, the undefeated fighter's uncle, said they are taking steps to make the fight happen later this year.

Pacquiao will face Shane Mosley on May 7, while Mayweather Jr. is in semi-retirement as he tries to cope with legal problems.

Negotiations soured last year after both camps failed to agree on issues like the drug testing protocol and purse split.

Now, the Mayweathers are again ready to open negotiations for one of the most anticipated boxing matches in history. If ever it materializes, the fight could take place in South Africa.

"I know that he [Floyd Mayweather] is talking to Nelson Mandela's daughter because they are trying to put together something for his 93rd birthday," said Jeff Mayweather in an interview with

"In the midst of that, they're also trying to make the fight between Floyd and Manny. Right now they are working to basically get a letter of intent for the fight to possibly take place," added the older Mayweather, who comes from a family of boxers that include his brothers Floyd Sr. and Roger, and Floyd Jr.

The former International Boxing Organization (IBO) super featherweight champion said that he currently acts as the bridge for both camps. "I'm negotiating with both sides and it's just a matter now of sending a letter of intent to Manny and one to Floyd through me and see where it can go."

But Team Pacquiao chief of staff Jayke Joson said the fight is still far from materializing.

Joson, in a telephone interview, said they would wait for word on further developments from the Mayweather camp and let Top Rank promotions big boss Bob Arum negotiate on Pacquiao's behalf.

"They have their own conditions, like they want the fight to be outside the US. But who will shoulder the finances of the fight, who will host it? If it is in Las Vegas the promoters won't have a hard time looking for sponsors," said Joson in Filipino.

Joson added that unless they see Mayweather's signature on the fight contract, they won't believe that they are serious in making the fight happen.

"They have pulled out twice when we were negotiating for the fight. A lot of boxing fans want this fight to happen. We're just going to wait and see. The fight will happen if it is indeed fated to happen."

Pacquiao junks Bruce Lee look, sports new 'do

Hopefully, Manny Pacquiao won't suffer the same fate as popular biblical figure Samson when the latter's hair was cut, causing him to lose his superhuman strength.

The eight-division world champion finally got a haircut as he began training on Thursday for his May 7 bout against Shane Mosley at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Pacquiao has sported long hair for a few months as a tribute to his idol and martial arts icon Bruce Lee, and not teen heartthrob and YouTube singing sensation Justin Bieber.

The Sarangani province representative said his long locks have began to obstruct his vision as he began with light conditioning exercises.

Aside from a light workout, Pacquiao also played a game of basketball with Team Pacquiao members.

The Filipino boxing superstar said that he is excited about his 12-round slugfest against Mosley since US President Barack Obama will be watching the match on pay-per-view.

Pacquiao added that Obama even told him that he’ll try to visit the Sarangani Congressman in the Philippines.

Bustamante, Orcullo, Lining wind up as Top 3 in world pool rankings

from GMA

Francisco "Django" Bustamante has kept his hold of the world No.1 spot, while two other Pinoys vaulted their way up in the new rankings of the World Pool-Billiard Association.

Air21's Gregorio: Trade gives us balanced line-up

Air21 team manager Allan Gregorio says their acquisition of veterans Danny Seigle, Dondon Hontiveros, Dorian Peña and Paul Artadi gives them a balanced line-up. He says this will definitely boost their chances in the PBA Commissioner's Cup. The Express shipped their top 3 picks -- Noy Baclao, Rabeh Al-Hussaini and Rey Guevarra -- to San Miguel in exchange for the more experienced Seigle, Hontiveros, Peña and Artadi.

Cops in Facebook nude photo scandal dismissed

from by

MANILA, Philippines - Three trainee cops have been dismissed for their alleged involvement in a nude photo scandal that spread online.

Piolo Pascual renews contract with ABS-CBN

from by

MANILA, Philippines - He is still a Kapamilya star. Actor Piolo Pascual renewed his exclusive contract with ABS-CBN on Thursday, ending persistent rumors that he is moving to a rival network.

Ailing Zsa Zsa Gabor back in hospital

from Breaking News

Ailing actress Zsa Zsa Gabor has been admitted to hospital again for poor circulation in her left leg, seven weeks after having her right leg partially amputated, her spokesman said Wednesday.

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